In just 6 more days, the carnival comes to town. At least if that town is Washington DC. And that carnival will be complete with loud, obnoxious barkers, cheap sleazy side shows, and shady carnies sneaking all over the place playing various con games. You know it as the GOP House Caucus.

Which is manna from Heaven for the House Democrats for the next 2 years. Here’s why. For the last 18 months, the only show worth watching in Washington DC has been the House Permanent Select Committee on January 6th. And the quality of the bipartisan work, the thoroughness of the investigation, and the brilliantly produced and presented live hearings has had it dubbed The most impactful congressional panel since the 9/11 commission. They set an incredibly high bar for all of the congressional hearings that will follow for years.

And we won’t have long to wait. Maybe. If the GOP can ever get their shit together and actually elect a Speaker, they’re already foaming at the mouth over all of the deep, insightful policy based hearings they want to unload on us. You know, shit like Hunter Biden’s laptop, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas patriotism and qualifications, and of course Investigating the operation and professionalism of the J6 committee. *Sigh* Is this really the thin gruel we have to dine on for the next 2 years?

Fortunately there’s a bright side. We just spent 18 months watching what a professional, serious House investigation looks like. In all things, the members were serious and respectful, not only to the witnesses, but to each other. And they produced simple, concrete evidence and testimony that told the story, clearly and understandably.

Cast your mind all the way back to the dark days of Benghazi. Whether in the majority or minority, the GOP playbook was unerringly the same. Scream, yell, rant and insult the witnesses, spout out incoherent conspiracy theories, and then interrupt the witness every 5 seconds. The only object was to secure a sufficient sound bite for FUX News that night to fire up your moronic base. The GOP committees are going to be staffed by mental misanthropes like Laborious MTG, Gym Bag Jordan, Goose stepper Paul Gosar, Sugar Daddy Matt Gaetz, and Widdle Andy Biggs. And these retarded howler monkeys are all going to be hip throwing each other for camera time.

And they’re going to have as many and much of these hearings televised as humanly possible. After all, the House GOP has spent 4 long years in the legislative wilderness, it’s time to get back into the spotlight again. And the Democrats should welcome it.

An hour or so ago, MD Democratic congressman Jamie Raskin was on All In with Chris Hayes. And Hayes asked a great question. He asked Raskin What can the Democrats in the minority in these committees and hearings do to try to rein in the insanity of the GOP committee members? And Raskin’s answer was music to my ears, Well Chris, for the next 2 years, our job on these committees is going to be the Truth Police for the American people. We’re not going to argue, we’re simply going to use facts, evidence, and truth to expose the nonsense of the GOP’s arguments.

Exactly! The Democrats aren’t going to get into penny ante pissing contests with the GOP over their conspiracy theories, they’re going to user their time with quiet facts, logic, and common sense to expose the stupidity of the GOP’s lines of attack. There was a Warnock ad in the runoff that makes my point perfectly. They taped ordinary voters watching and listening to Herschel Walker babbling incoherently, and then throwing off their headphones and insulting Walker. Get ready for 2 long years of this.

As I said earlier, the J6 committee set the gold standard for a professional, well run investigation and hearings. Which is not what we’re going to get from the GOP troglodytes in the House. And since the GOP writ large has absolutely no legislative agenda or platform, the only frame of reference that voters will take of the GOP into the voting booth in 2024, other than possibly a government shutdown and fiscal cliff debacle, will be these moronic and content free hearings. Another reason to be confident going into 2023.

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  1. I rather doubt the howler-monkeys flinging shit GOP hearings will get anywhere near the TV ratings the J6 hearings did. If I’m right about that it will create an interesting issue between Trump and House committees as the former is all about the ratings. But contrasting the J6 hearings vs. the shit-show the GOP will offer up won’t be an easy task. I hope one of the things Leader Jeffries is on top of is setting up some of the J6 staff with the production team that helped make those hearings so effective on TV – to accomplish the task you articulated in this article.

  2. This is assuming they even get the Speaker they want within the first two months of the year. Or that their pathetic “majority” doesn’t get whittled down by indictments/convictions.

    • I’ve been in this mode awhile … what the hell is going on when the DOJ, with Garland in the scene, has yet to bomb the whole Trump world, including the most active warts in the House, that have been revealed by the Jan. 06 committee …? This rush of the GOP to get going in their so-called plan of action, shows so many loose ends … is there enough time left in Dec. 2022, to pull that rusty pin on the trench-dirt covered olive-drab painted pineapple?

      Can the Senate extend a, “grace”, period for that to happen in Jan. 2023?

      It is so fractured with SO MANY GOP Lizards names attached to Trump along the way, these mouth pieces in the House should be censured up front and set on that back burner until they all get their chance for review in Court proceedings … Televised for ALL the dirty laundry to be exposed … the Raskin plan DOES have some real teeth in it, but the time delay to snap these idiots into the Truth Police handcuffs may allow some to escape their due punishments … has anyone heard or know if the DOJ is about to crash on the sweating, phony Cheeto-man at Mar-o-golf?

      Until the over-sized hammer falls at the startup GOP House in Jan., we can always hope for the best but this opportunity to come back on the GOP, maybe even boost some out, makes the popcorn crews happy …

  3. Joe I agree with Jamie, but how can you respond with facts coherently when you’re interrupted when you start to speak and every thirty seconds? The second the truth starts to be told they are going to do everything in their power to fracture it. Maybe the public will see it for what it is…a screaming monkey house. Or maybe they will just turn it off. It will just be for their cult anyway. Time for the DOJ to start flexing their muscle.

  4. Look at the hate, in this RW’s ugly perverted face! RW have completely lost their minds! RW have devolved into insanity! Everything was fun & games, when Obama was elected President, as long as they were “obstructing” & “winning”! Things have changed & Karma is coming for the RW CROOKS! Gee, the RW “kids” are no longer smirking & chuckling! RW time has come to reap, what you have sown!

  5. That’s what I’m thinking. The gops first problem is to elect a speaker. And with this clown show that might be the only substantive thing they accomplish in the entire two years. That and the DOJ hauling off there members faster than they can get their new nameplates made. Let’s face it folks. Jim Jordan running anything but the locker room wrestling pool is a joke. I’m not saying the man is stupid but! And you have McCarthy walking around waving some piece of paper. What, can’t he remember which hall the bathroom is on. Complete and utterly useless clowns are going to waste millions of dollars to find out whether Hunter is circumcised. Being he was raised catholic I’m going with he is. That and other parts of his anatomy should fill the halls of congress. I might add, if these boys are so obsessed with looking at male genitalia their are probably clubs around DC where for a small fee these boys can have men rub their junk all over them. Apparently Jim Jordan would know about this considering his previous employment. Watching those sweaty young men roll around on the floor. Seen where some investigators might want to have a few words with Jim about that.


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