When someone shows you who they are, believe them   Maya Angelou

The self destruction of the GOP, especially the House, was very carefully crafted. And it was crafted lovingly by the foremost flim-flam man of all, The Cheeto Prophet. And he laid out the template for political success in the GOP. Say the lowest, most obnoxious things to the lowest, most racist, disgusting people in the party, and watch the campaign donations pour in.

And the lesson was learned. Right now you have a whole cadre of Trombie incumbents who followed the playbook. Say insane shit to a rabid Trombie base to get through the primaries in a safely gerrymandered district, and get elected. And then use your newfound face time to say even more insane shit. Because the more you do, the more appearances you can get on FUX News and OAN. And if you’re lucky enough to get your committee assignments stripped by your bullshit, then you can jet around the country setting up contacts. And watch the lovely long green flow into the coffers.

But there is a simple problem with this approach. With Trump’s social media ban, they have literally out Trumped Trump in the media. And while their nonsense is liquid gold when it comes to donations from the morons, the rest of the country finds them dangerously unhinged maniacs. And the Democrats need to capitalize on their hard fought infamy.

Thanks to their unbridled greed and camera fetish, they are now national figures. And they all live in pretty much safe gerrymandered districts. But remember this, the 2022 midterms won’t be decided by safe gerrymandered districts, but by 50-70 competitive and highly competitive districts out there. And the Democrats need to make these brainless trolls surrogate residents of every one of those districts. With advertising.

Here is an example. The ad will feature this rogue’s gallery, but those with an unflattering shot of the GOP incumbent. The regular letters will be the screen shot, and the italics will be the voice over;

  • A picture of MTG holding a semi automatic weapon. Would you want to go to a school board meeting and see this woman sitting on the dais?
  • Lauren Bobert smiling while holding a semi automatic weapon. She says she’s never seen a weapon she didn’t want to sleep with. Would you want her grading your 3rd grader’s homework?
  • Video of Paul Gosar spewing filth at a far right rally. Would you want this man doing the accounting for your company, much less protecting your civil rights?
  • Video of Ted Cruz giving Big Bird a ration of shit. Would you want this man defending you on a DUI charge, much voting to confirm a Supreme Court Nominee?
  • Video of Kevin McCarthy paddle footing away from from responsibility from keeping his howler monkeys caged. Would you buy your next car from this man? How about having him running the House of Representatives?
  • The ad ends with a picture of the GOP candidate. Welcome to today’s Republican party. You will be judged by the company you keep. Fade to black.

These ass clowns are the gift that just keeps on giving. By hiding cowering under the covers, shaking, moderates like McCarthy, McConnell, and the rest of the sane GOP incumbents have ceded the public face of the party to these ass gaskets. So why not give then their moment in the spotlight to shine.

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  1. Don’t forget Madison Cawthorn and Matt Gaetz. Cawthorn is insidious, as he has shown recently. Gaetz, unless he is prosecuted pronto, could win another term.

  2. Only IF the democrats wake up & realize the other side is willing to do or say anything to win power & end the possibility of any future that allows the transfer of power away from them. Yes, after they end democracy, they will go after the trillion dollars of fossil fuels still in the ground & will hasten catastrophic climate change hastening the extinction of our species. It’s a death cult, as brutal & ultimately more lethal than Hitler’s.

  3. I have been saying for months now the campaign ads for the dems could write themselves. The other side of the coin however is those same ads will make the G.Q.P. base extremely happy and proud. Let’s hope the ads the dems put out energize not only THEIR base but also the indies out there. If they could also get some republican suburban women, it’d be a bit of help.

  4. I lived in GA for 12 years. Hate to break it to you, but this is precisely what white Southerners WANT. This isn’t a glitch; it is the entire point. Many would be encouraged to vote for the very candidate you are calling out.ing

    I remember seeing a fat bald male person wearing little clothing in an ad. I.on merit wondered where was a mostly naked photo of Rush Limbaugh on my TV. It was Sonny Perdue’s baby picture. He extolled himself for teaching Sunday school.He won re-election not in spite of that ad but because of it.

    Showing Congresscritters waving guns will make them.more apppealing to Republicans not bless. It is the party of God and Guns. If you didn’t grow up in that culture, it comes as a huge shock. I was the child of Kennedy Democrats.


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