So, it appears that after 7 long years, we’re finally going to see FrankenTrump’s tax returns. Personally I’ve always been ambivalent on that issue. Hell, the only attention I ever paid I paid to presidential, and presidential candidate tax returns was how much they made, and how much they paid. Was it at least in the realm of reality, or was it an accounting fairy tale? And we already know by the 2018 New York Times blockbuster, where they had the first 3 years of Trump’s taxes, that he basically paos $0 in taxes because he’s a stone cold, deadbeat bankrupt bum.

I was much more interested in what the J6 Committee had to say yesterday, and once again, they didn’t disappoint. Former prosecutor and Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill compared the individual remarks of the members to watching a prosecutor make his opening statement to a jury in a criminal trial. They pretty much seamlessly tied their presentations together in a perfect overview of what the evidence would show.

Of course, the Grand Finale was representative Jamie Raskin actually reading off the charges that the committee was referring to the DOJ for investigation. And there were 2 things that snagged my interest. The first was that in 4 of the charges the committee specifically named constitutional law quack John Eastman for referral right along with Traitor Tot. And the second was Raskin’s use in every listed referral of the 2 words, and others. That’s the teaser line for the report, What others?

Spoiler Alert! Don’t bother speed leafing your way through that 900-page blivit of a report tomorrow the second it drops, looking for Waldo’s in all the words. You ain’t gonna find them. To my mind, the only reason the committee named Eastman was because that federal judge in California named Eastman as having highly likely committed 2 crimes along with His Lowness. The meaning of the words and others is a direct hint to the DOJ prosecutors and investigators to look at the Usual Suspects.

But fear not my dear readers, because SuperMurf is here! And unlike Hair Twitler’s bogus NFT superhero card, mine shows a fat old dude in red orthopedic support boots, red leotards, a long sleeve red t-shirt with SM emblazoned on the chest, a pair of blue Depends, and a blue kitchen tablecloth streaming back over my shoulders. Laugh damn you. But at least I’m honest. And my NFT card is only $29.99. A perfect stocking stuffer for people you really hate!  And I can also answer your burning question for you.

The mystery list of and others basically falls into 2 buckets, both of them shit buckets. Most of the 1st bucket you already know, because you’ve already heard them tied into the investigation in one way or another. But the committee doesn’t have quite the judicial gravitas on them that they do on Trump and Eastman, so they don’t name them directly. Although that doesn’t mean that the committee won’t send the DOJ a side note naming some or all of them.

The first bucket is pretty much the usual Trump associate kitty litter box. They’ve been mentioned throughout the hearings, and in the media often. Cretins like Michael Flynn, Rudy Drooliani, Roger Rabbit Stone, Mark Meadows, Two shirts Steve Bannon, and Jeffrey Clark. Flynn and Stone had verifiable close connections to the Loud Toys and the Oath Kreepers. Bannon ran the War Room at the Willard Hotel and forecast the riot. The G-Man tried to keep his fingers in everything, and brought brain dead wingnuts and conspiracy theories to the Oval Office. And Clark wanted to be Acting AG in order to send a letter ordering swing state GOP legislators to overturn the results. Lush pickings methinks.

The second shit bucket is a little more laid back and unrecognized. The funny thing is that you probably already know who they are, even though you don’t know it. You’ve heard of them, but not in a way that made a strong impression in the information deluge. But I know for a fact that the DOJ was paying attention, and haven’t forgotten a man-jackin-one of them.

I’m talking about the Michigan state GOP officials and GOP legislators who tried to throw together an alternate slate of Trump delegates and submit them for consideration. The same thing goes for the morons in Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Georgia. We know that the FBI and DOJ haven’t forgotten about these shitheels, because they’ve sent subpoenas requiring documents, communications, and possible grand jury testimony.

Here’s what binds the cheese together. One of the charges that the J6 committee forwarded to the DOJ for both Trump and Eastman was Purposely or maliciously submitting false of misleading documents to the United States government. That shit is a crime, and it carries a hefty prison sentence. If Biden wins a state, and then the GOP state legislators try to officially submit a bogus slate of Trump electors to the National Archives, and the US Congress, that’s a serious federal crime. And the DOJ wants information, so they can try to track what DC Trumpaholic minions these minions were coordinating with. Which brings me to my favorite baldy lock, Boris Epshteyn. How many times have I told you not to forget about him? He’s in this up to his pipik.

See how I make your lives easier? Personally, I plan to download the J6 report on kindle and churn through it. But if you were planning on speed flipping through it to find the others, then don’t bother. They won’t be there, but now you know who most of them are.

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  1. The congresscritters who asked for pardons are also in that group. They knew they’d broken laws, or they wouldn’t have needed to be pardoned.

    • Don’t worry. The insurrectionist traitor is helping to shape supreme court rulings. Of course her hubby was never in need of much help to be a lying piece of shit. Just ask Anita.

  2. Up to their pipik? (I assume you mean from the Urban Dictionary meaning belly-button) More like up to their necks, or mouths. Or even noses!

    • It’s a phrase from author Lawrence Sanders…I believe he was referring to the old Schwanzstucker, but belly button works too…lol

  3. We can only hope that the special council will take care of the politicians who have been referred to the ethics committee, a joke with rethugs taking the house in January. Maybe, as Bennie Thompson pointed out, the 1871 law is a bit iffy, but the 14th Amendment is clear enough to be used to get them out of office, and maybe into a cell, like A couplel of senators and a few house members who don’t even heed to be named


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