Dear Lord. We’re not even into primary season yet for the midterms, much less into the midterm general election cycle, and already the GOP is setting up the table. For the Democrats!

Georgia GOP Governor Brian Kemp did everything in hos power to be a faithful Trump supporter, except sell his soul. He wouldn’t fraudulently vacate the will of the people in his state at the ballot box. And for that, he must pay the ultimate price.

Democrats keep saying that Democratic GA Senator Rafael Warnock is the weakest link in the Democratic Senate in 2022. But when former Senator David Perdue had a chance to run against Warnock again and get some payback, he chickened out and went up against sitting GOP Governor Brian Kemp instead. That tells me something about Warnock’s chances.

Which is music to His Lowness’s pointy ears. He gave a lengthy speech in which he professed his undying love and support for Perdue in the primary, while only mentioning Perdue a couple of times, the rest of the speech was a total diatribe against Kemp. And he did the same thing in loudly supporting a primary opponent against Georgia GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger.

Trump is going to keep right on doing this. He is going to keep his fat face front and center while he settles scores with Republicans he feels were unfaithful to him. And in the process, he is sowing the seeds of destruction for the GOP in 2022.

Let’s just look at Georgia for the moment. Both Kemp and Raffensberger are running for reelection, and now both of them are now facing hard primaried from the right in the primaries. And as a result, both candidates, as well as the RNC, are going to spend a shit load of cash on that primary, and savage each other to get the nomination. And it will happen in every other seat that Trump contests.

Meanwhile, Democrat Stacey Abrams is the anointed one to make another run against Kemp. Her organization is monolithically moving to register and Democrats to vote, and fundraising for the federal election. And Kemp and Perdue will be busy savaging each other, and giving Abrams mucho fodder for campaign commercials.

Let’s extrapolate this out. Richard Burr in North Carolina, Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, and Rob Portman in Ohio have all hung it up rather than run in this toxic environment. Which means a contentious primary between candidates each trying to out Trump the other, while the Democrats run on issues.

The GOP should be in the drivers seat to retake the House in 2022, as well as having a decent shot at retaking the Senate. Instead, they are devolving into internal party which is going to cost the GOP dearly, and at a time when the GOP is having trouble raising funds, with Trump trying to get all of the donations to his Leadership PAC. A shortage of funds in the RNC could lead to problems for critical swing House districts. Keep punching, and keep the faith.

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  1. Trump feels the Republicans left him high and dry. And we know he’s a “get even” guy. So I think he will pretend to run, grifting as much as he can, and then pull himself and his grifted money out at the very last moment, leaving the the Republican party high and dry.

  2. Well, yes, that is kinda fun to watch. Comic relief, as it were. Grab the popcorn.

    OTOH, the Republican Party, actually run by Mitch McConnell and his donors (including the Chinese), have already accomplished their goal of delegitimizing the Supreme Court and thus undermining the entire Judicial Branch (for at least 50 years), and have ALREADY RIGGED every election from school board to the White House, both up front and on the back end, with the thin veneer of apparent legal action. So we have seen the last “full or free or fair” election in this country, possibly forever.

    IF you are allowed to vote, your vote won’t be counted. And IF your vote is counted and it is the wrong vote, it will be thrown out as will any results Mitch doesn’t favor. ALREADY IN PLACE. And Democrats are sitting with their thumbs up their asses quarreling over rules and letting democracy slip away to authoritarian rule by Mitch and Ted and Marjorie. Sleep well.


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