“Stupid is as stupid does.” Mick Mulvaney and other White House Morons.


For most of his career in congress, Mick Mulvaney was a typical Republican politician. Namely, he found himself a safe district full of fools that kept reelecting him, took oodles of campaign contributions from corporate shills, and kept his mouth shut and flew under the radar. But, since being names the director of the Office of Management and Budget at the White House, Mulvaney suddenly seems to keep finding himself in the media spotlight. And every time he does, he ends up looking dumber than the box all of those rocks come in.

Mulvaney’s latest assault on homo sapiens intelligence is his righteous indignation over the crude and insensitive remark of a White House comms shop staffer about the state of Senator John McCain’s health. The real problem with Mulvaney’s response isn’t just that he declines to admonish the staffer for her insensitivity, it’s that his reasoning is unhinged from reality.

Mick the Dick’s beef isn’t that the staffer wasn’t immediately dispatched to her desk with a cardboard box accompanied by security, it’s that we know about the comment at all. His contention is that because the remark took place in a staff meeting, it is somehow or other automatically sacrosanct, and should never have been exposed to the light of day. On its face, this is too fucking stupid to be considered rational thought.

Let’s just say that you work for the XYZ company as a staffer, and you’re in a staff meeting. In the meeting, someone mentions a manager who is in the hospital with pneumonia. Having the sense of humor of an orc, you lightheartedly quip, “Yeah, now I’m gonna have to buy a black dress, and I don’t even like the guy!” Does Mulvaney honestly believe that any number of people present who are offended by your remark aren’t going to have it discussed over every water cooler and at every lunch table before you can even get back to your desk? Hell, with the prevalence of cell phones and Twitter, you might have the company VP waiting outside the door for a little chat by the time the meeting breaks up. The thought that any kind of insulting or insensitive statement would remain “secret” in any kind or organized setting like that is ridiculous on the face of it.

But one nice thing about the nutty nabob who runs the WH comms shop, Blarah Flackabee Slanders, she’s not about to be upstaged by an amateurish little sod like Mulvaney. In another closed door meeting, this one about the original leaked xomment meeting, Slanders started off by saying, “I am sure that this conversation is going to leak too. And that’s just disgusting.” How do I know this? Because it leaked! Just as it was intended to. It would have been one thing if Slanders had led off with, “If what I say next goddamn leaks, I will make it my mission in life to draw and quarter whomever leaks it.” But when you lead off with “I already know that this is going to leak,” what you’re really saying is “OK world, here’s what I really think! Now, go ahead and leak that.”And if there’s one thing in this world that I hate more than abject stupidity, it’s idiot transparency. Nice going Slanders, you just made my shit list again.

Fortunately, both Mulvaney and Slanders have the Yoda of idiot philosophy to mentor them, Yada the Trump. Only a moron of true zen quality can stand with three Americans that just spent anywhere from one to three years being abused by a maniacal dictator, and then tell the world that said dictator “Was really excellent to these three incredible people.” That would be like me stealing your 55″ TV set, dropping it back on the steps in the middle of the night when I couldn’t resell the fuzzy POS, and then being hailed as a hero for “doing the right thing.” *SIGH*

And the hits just keep on coming. Now His Lowness is equating Kim with an almost Ghandi like humanity for saying that he will destroy his nuclear testing site before the June summit with the Orange Julius. This is what happens when your Presidential Daily Briefing comes with a box of Crayolas, and a Tommy Tippee full of diet coke. Everyday common riffraff like us discovered weeks ago through our own NSC daily briefing, namely CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, et al, that North Korea has already tested so many bombs under that mountain, that if they did it again, the entire thing would come crashing down on their dumb heads. There are even reports that some parts of the facility may have already been damaged by the mountain shifting, making it inoperable. And yet, Trumpelthinskin is praising Kim Dung Fun for razing something he can no longer get any use out of. Your tax dollars at work my fellow citizens.

So please, Blarah and Mick, I beg you. Make all of our lives easier, and take a little tip from the old Murfster here. When shit like this happens, and damage control is required? Please, just keep your stupid mouths shut, and leave cleaning up the mess to the pros. After all, that’s what your boss is paying Rudy Giuliani for, and look how well that’s working out! Relax kiddies, you’re in good hands.

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