This is actually a great idea that Marge Greene has had. Truly. If Mike Johnson decides to do this, the Democrats will assuredly win back the House. That may happen anyway but this would cinch the deal. Basically, Marge has decided that turnabout is fair play — whether it makes any sense or not is irrelevant. She wants Johnson to declare a January 6 Select Committee which would then investigate the J6 Committee that investigated the Capitol riot. Whut? Oh, yes.

And this is by no means an isolated incident here. Mike Lee and Clay Higgins have ideas about what happened that day, as you will see below. They believe January 6 was an FBI/DOJ conspiracy. For some reason, that’s easier for them to stomach than to simply admitted that Trump incited a riot.

The tweet ends “Trump DOJ.” And, “I’ve said it all along, MAGA did not do this.” Hmm…if MAGA didn’t do this, why then who did? Mike Lee has an idea. He thinks it was the FBI. Lee’s contention is that the vape that a J6er was carrying is actually an FBI badge and it’s all a plot to make MAGA look bad. And this is the senior senator from the State of Utah, folks. And you’ve heard about the “ghost busses,” right?

And expect things to get crazier. Mitt Romney is retiring from the Senate. What could replace him in that seat is anybody’s guess. But it looks like the GOP has thrown in for conspiracy theory and fascism and the wheels of government will not turn the same way if the Mango Messiah gets back in.

The Republicans are committed to lying and saying anything that they need to say to achieve that very end. They can’t quit Trump and so they’ve decided to follow him straight to the gates of Hell.

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  1. In the movie Man On Fire, Danzel Washington plays an ex CIA assassin who takes a security job in Mexico to protect a little girl. When she’s kidnapped and presumed dead, he goes on a rampage of revenge. As he’s standing in a couple’s second floor balcony with a rocket launcher, getting ready to take down a corrupt Mexican police, the old man says the Bible says we shouldn’t judge. Danzel replies I’m not judging, I’m just arranging the meeting.
    These arrogant killers think they will escape all their crimes against humanity. Let them keep pushing the envelope. Hey Ms Ed,(willlbbbuurrr!), keep knocking on the door and the devil may answer it.

    • Apparently NOT,

      The public has exploded over her comment about the just-passed Former First Lady, R. Carter, she was trying to say something nice about her, but, because of her mealy-mouth statements about everyone else and continued attacks on Democracy and the Democrats, they put her down as the true scum she is … She has no match for the super-classy lady’s history of public service and She and her husband, former president Carter, have built a number of homes with the group of volunteers that do that on their own time, NOT expecting any pay for their efforts or brass plated letters on a walnut board …

      Unlike, “Marjie Kooky Pants”, who cannot sit still for five minutes, until she HAS to say something awful, about anyone, Rosalynn Carter, was a gentle smart Lady, helping others before herself, Rosalynn Carter was beautiful inside and out, MTG, on the other hand, PHITTT !!! 🙂


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