It takes a special character to be in the crosshairs of both the looniest right-winger in the ethernet and the House Select Committee on January 6, but Steve Bannon has managed to do it. Bannon will not comply with the subpoena to testify before the House and so next Tuesday Chair Bennie Thompson is going to submit the matter to a vote and hold Bannon in contempt. And your guess is as good as anybody’s what’s gotten into Lin Wood.

Just another day in Wingnuttia. They’re eating each other. I find it comical in particular that Wood and Marjorie Taylor Greene are going for each other’s throats.



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  1. Why wait 6 days after Bannons’ infraction to actually DO something?
    Bennie Thompson knew he was very likely to do what he said he would do and he did.
    Bennie should have had a referral ready to go today!
    We don’t let other criminals off for a week before we arrest them so what the hell is going on?
    Can Democrats not think beyond one day?

  2. Have the federal marshals come after Bannon and cuff the bitch and read him his rights. It’s the weekend coming up…the timing is perfect.


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