Steve Bannon didn’t miss a beat on this one. Newt Gingrich got on TV yesterday, trying to do damage control after Bennie Thompson was on earlier talking about the fake elector plots and revealing that the January 6 Committee had spoken to Bill Barr, and threatened members of the Committee with incarceration. This is a pretty bizarre threat, if you think about it. The J6 Committee is in the process of uncovering information about fraudulent activity during the 2020 election and an attempt to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States.

Then Gingrich gets on the tube and he alludes to arrests, but he doesn’t say which laws he believes the January 6 Committee has broken. In plain language, all that Gingrich’s nutty rhetoric did was inflame tribalism, us v. them, and it doesn’t matter what the rule of law says, it’s going to be us vs. them no matter who does what.

That was enough for Steve Bannon to sink his teeth into. He had a great lay up by the former Speaker of the House and he went in and dunked the right-wing basket of the day.

This is where the problem lies in this country. There is too much corroboration between the loony, to use Mitch McConnell’s descriptor, elements of right-wing culture and the legitimate GOP. This is where it gets dangerous.

Listen to Zoe Lofgren describe how Gingrich has lost it, with his off the walls, fact free diatribe. She clearly points out that if Committee members were arrested without having committed a crime, let alone Joe Biden, under the same rationale, that can only mean that the United States has fallen into a fascist dictatorship. Is this truly what Gingrich meant to convey?

Thank you once again, Ronald Reagan. Your observation that “government is the problem” has set up this anti-government madness in which we dwell today and your abrogation of the Fairness In Broadcasting Doctrine has set us up for the unceasing lies that we hear coming out of right-wing radio and Fox News, 24/7.

I’ll be interested to see if Gingrich walks any of this back or if Bannon and the rest simply continue to capitalize on it.

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  1. Gingrich isn’t going to walk this back. This is his ticket to current relevance – he and Bannon railing against the administrative state and democrats. Newt’s been at loose ends since Calista lost her gig at the Vatican.

  2. I was premature when Gingrich said this. Now that Bannon’s onboard, it’s NOW guaranteed to fail. Look at the man’s track record and you’ll see someone who managed to get tossed from every power center he ever got close to.

    • Interesting point about Bannon. What’s amazing is he keeps finding someone to hitch his star to – Mercers, Trump, that injured soldier who started that Build the Wall fake charity (that TFG did not pardon), now some weird Chinese billionaire.

  3. Here’s something those two blowhards need to remember: they don’t call the shots in congress. Pretty fucking sad when they pretend they have influence especially gingrich-what a joke.

  4. It’s not that they have influence, but they are telling us what’s going to happen. The problem is that Democrats are too busy laughing and making jokes about them to see what they’re busy doing. The foundations of fascism are being laid as we speak, there is a good bit already in place, with gerrymandering and installation of partisan election officials in numerous states. Once the people lose trust in the vote, it’s game over. That’s the irony of the Big Lie – that 2020 wasn’t a fair election. In truth it may very well have BEEN our last FAIR election.

    • You remember “watch what they do, not what they say”? You obviously need to apply this to the Dems because I promise we’ve been even MORE busy. It’s just not as sexy or exciting as the fantasias the GQP are chasing like heroin dragons.

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