This is the death knell of democracy, right here. If the GOP was taking the tack that what Donald Trump did was criminal and inexcusable in a democracy, then America would be on the way to unification and healing. The Republicans won’t do it. They keep adding insult to injury and stacking lies upon lies. Here’s Newt Gingrich’s two cents.

Newt is on there to do damage control after Bennie Thompson’s horrific revelation this morning over how deep the corruption goes.

This sure is a far cry from Watergate, where Barry Goldwater walked down the street from the Senate, crossed the White House lawn and told Nixon that he was finished and had to resign.

This is a dark day in America. The former GOP Speaker of the House is on TV trying to gaslight the nation that prosecuting criminals is the same as political retribution, that there is no difference.

We are in for another disaster, and fast, if the GOP retakes even one chamber of Congress in the fall and God help us if they get both. God help democracy, because once again, that’s what’s on the ballot, not Democrat v. Republican. Not in the old sense of how those terms were once understood.

We are on terra incognita right now and have been since the GOP put Trump on the top of their ticket.

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  1. If they take the house it means the mass of people in our country are so far gone…there will be no reasonable way back. Just like I was shocked 73 million soulless cruel ignorant traitors voted for him after 4years of criminality. The only way the Germans got back on track was because of the allies & the Marshall plan. Where will we turn? What will we do? Hey asshats. Better make a stop here because I come from a family of military & I WILL BE A PROBLEM. I will not live under fascism. Period. Better shoot me first. Fuckers.

  2. I notice he said this on FOX. No reputable news source would have this gaseous asshat on. That said, he’s just regurgitating what Qevin McCarthy has already promised if the rethugs retake the house. Most voters aren’t even paying attention yet. This election will prove one way or the other, which path we choose to go down – democracy or autocracy.

    • Ur right. I don’t know which is worse, our ignorance or our arrogance. Together they will be our undoing as a species. Then the bacteria or insects take over thereby proving Darwin correct. The fittest will survive because they don’t destroy themselves. All those sci-fi movies showing aliens that looked Iike they evolved from insect ancestors may turn out to be prophetic. And for those that believe in God, all I can say is I bet the new dominant species will thank their ‘god’ for taking us out. Hallelujah!

  3. Newt Gingrich’s involvement all but spells that this sorry chapter is nearing its close. He’s never had an idea he could ever make work for him, which is how he got ousted in ’98. And gods help him if he was ACTIVELY involved in Trump admin corruption.

    • Afraid not. If the democrats manage to cut through the bullsh*t & increase power in the house & senate, then I will be the first to say I was wrong & be damn glad I was. If not, prepare for a fascist takeover on a scale we could have avoided. What he is saying about what they would do is not exaggeration. If anything, the horror show will surpass our reasonable imaginations. Remember the Holocaust?

      • You go on being afraid, then. I am DONE cowering to a bunch of aging fools whose actions are all but begging us to put them out of their misery. “An enemy who wishes to die can be slain,” as Sun Tzu put it. So whatever threats or actual violence they throw, it’s useless huffing.

        The folks like Cheney, Kinzinger and Youngkin are the ones you SHOULD be watching. Time is on their side over embarrassments like McConnell, Gingrich and even Mr. Tangerine Man himself. That next fascist takeover you keep yelling about? It’s going to be attempted by them and will be MUCH quieter.

        • Ur right about Ms Cheney. Believe me I know she is a smarter version that voted 93% with Trump & his ongoing horror show. However if the former gop generational pitbull turns on them, who am I to criticize? Especially if she helps save democracy? Bye the way I’m not afraid or am I going to cower! Had ur state senator have the capital police phone YOU? I grew up with a violent drunk eventually shot by my mom with his gun during a kidnapping. I know trouble friend. Believe me, I had to choose between flight or fight a looong time ago.

  4. How can anyone be surprised by this assclown? F.F.S. one could have just about parroted his words before he even showed up on fux nuz. Hopefully the fool will be pulled in with the rest of the insurrectionists who planned that disgraceful episode on 6 January.


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