Stephen Miller wants you to believe that if you have any problems in this world, any at all, and you happen to be a white male, that’s why. It’s because you are a white male. The world is now out to get you. This cruel world wants to claw back that which is yours, your birthright as a white male and give it to brown men, black men and God forbid, give it to women. Just simply give it away, you believe that? When it’s yours by birth?

But Stephen Miller isn’t going to just sit idle and do nothing. No, Sir. Miller has formed a group called First America Legal. What’s that you say? Sounds like a law firm and Miller’s not a lawyer? There you go again, being a buzz kill, when white men everywhere are being emasculated and losing their hair and only Stephen Miller can help them. (Maybe he’ll become Dr. Miller soon, who knows? That might actually fly better in late night ads, when Lindell is hawking MyPillow.)

Just like Saul Goodman late at night with the hypertensive commercials, Miller wants to know if YOU have been the victim of DEI, diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring. Miller promises an end to that $hit. Better call him, NOW.

And Miller has always been this way. Miller was a loner as early on as the third grade. Then when in high school he was drawn to Rush Limbaugh and conservative radio and went about “converting” his “left-wing high school.” Miller went to Duke University and then he sought out Michelle Bachmann to work for. Later on he worked for Jeff Sessions and found his way from there into the Trump White House.

And take note. This is a non-partisan effort. Miller is doing a social service for the good of humanity here, and there’s nothing MAGA about it. Righto. And he can also hook you up with some terrific vacation property down there in Florida, assuming you’ve got any money left when he’s done with you.

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  1. Apologies to nosferatu, but the undead ghoul had more charisma, charm, wit, looks, warmth and soul than miller. Just saying from my many readings and observations.

  2. Stephen Miller is Jewish and seems out of place in trump’s orbit. MTG is probably aiming her space lasers at him now. Duck Stevie, duck.

  3. Actually he may have a point … but he left something out. Consider this:

    If you happen to be a white male, you ae so privleged that you probably are a jerk and act like one, so if you have any problems in this world, any at all, that’s probably why.

    (See the difference?)


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