Adolf Hitler was impressed with actor Peter Lorre’s gifts and early in his regime wrote Lorre that he should come back to Germany to live and work. Lorre wrote back, “No thank you. Germany doesn’t need two people with our genius for horror.” Today, our own King of Horror, Stephen King, delineated Trump’s purely bigoted actions, as meanwhile the GOP/ICE equivalent of Nazi storm troopers prepares to begin it’s raids on undocumented immigrants.

Trump is obviously trying to drive his base into a feeding frenzy with all this anti-immigration activity, but he may have jumped the shark today when he advocated that four women of color in Congress go back where they came from (oblivious to the fact that three out of four were born here) and that they didn’t belong because of the color of their skin. Racism 101.

This is pure idiocy. The congresswomen Trump’s referencing are not people who “originally came” from other countries, they were born in the United States just like he was, other than Omar. The reason that this distinction is important is because it unequivocally proves that skin color is Trump’s real issue. It doesn’t matter where you were actually born, if you’re not white, you’re not right. Forget about being judged on one’s character, the yardstick that Martin Luther King advocated as being the true measure of a person’s worth. Blatant bigotry, rejecting someone strictly because they are superficially a member of a group targeted as dangerous or inferior, is the order of the day in America.

And the crack about Pelosi shows that Trump has learned absolutely nothing while in office. Yes, Pelosi has had a few minor dust ups with The Squad. But adults, especially in politics, learn how to get over these speed bumps and keep going down the road. Trump doesn’t understand how normal people compromise in the furtherance of common goals, because he’s never done it.

Trump sees everything in simplistic love/hate, black/white terms and life is seldom like that. Trump displayed exactly this same level of primitive thinking when he fired James Comey. He called up none other than Chuck Schumer, apparently thinking that he and Schumer would have a male buddy bonding moment, if you can believe that, and Schumer told him [that’s] “a very big mistake.” Trump and his equally dense son-in-law, Jared Kushner, honestly believed that “the Democrats are gonna love this.” Those were Kushner’s words, and Kushner was the only one who advocated firing Comey. Everybody else in Trump’s orbit was saying, don’t do it, and Steve Bannon was screaming it the loudest, according to Michael Wolfe’s book. Bannon corroborated this later, saying that firing Comey was “the worst mistake in modern political history.” It also was the worst mistake in Trumpworld history, probably ever. Firing Comey was Trump shooting himself irrevocably in the foot, because the Comey firing led directly to the appointment of Mueller. Comey was a rock in Trump’s shoe, and Trump replaced him with a mountain of s*it in his garden. Great strategic thinking.

Now make no mistake, racism is hardly a cat just now out of the GOP’s bag, it’s been around for quite awhile. But apparently the overtness of today’s twitter tempest, on top of the awfulness of the tours of the concentration camp, following the furor over the census, so on and so forth, is too much for the GOP to cope with, because the response to Trump’s latest projectile tweeting is crickets.

Even Matt Goetz and Gym Jordan are in silent running mode. Maybe this is the calm before — what? Surely not Trump changing his stripes, that will never happen. But the GOP needs to look to it’s own survival as a party, and the Republicans up for reelection in 2020 have not had a good week. They’re sweating like mad and it’s not because of the July heat. Trump’s endangering their survival and he’s not only too stupid to know it, he’s a loner, not a team player. A lot of Rethugs (Susan Collins, are you listening?) may look back and tag this week as the day their doom was sealed.

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  1. Soooooo….Malignant Elvis is bacically saying, “Nancy Pelosi isn’t a racist…..because I’m one and she’s never at the rallies.”

    Got it!!!

    Trump has changed the old saying that not all Republicans are racists, but all racists are Republicans… making the former moot. If you follow Trump, you are a racist by association.

    Good article giving that argument on Daily Beast….

    • Trump’s flip flop is amusing. He doesn’t like “Nervous Nancy” but he rushes to her defense, saying she’s not a racist. (And he oughta know, I’ll say that much.) Then, after defending Pelosi’s lack of racism, he brilliantly proves up his own. I would ask if there’s a method in this madness, but I think the answer would be that on any given day, the s*itstorm is so intense, and coming down so fast, that nobody knows. I think Trump’s only method so far is to make a lot of noise to impress his base. His base won’t be able to save him, if enough people come out to vote. I don’t think he realizes that.

      • Honestly Ursula, why else would the Chaos in Chief even get involved in a Dem spat???……he has nothing to gain by doing so, let them go at it right? …..but no, he couldn’t stand the thought that he was not the center of attention………his own nacissism his was downfall……

        Instead, he opens his bigly mouth and inserts BOTH size five Bruno Maglis.


    • I like Pelosi and find it regrettable that she’s been getting so much heat lately from other Democrats. I see the quandary she’s in. Starting impeachment proceedings when we don’t have the votes in the Senate is an act in futility. OTOH, starting impeachment proceedings and having them televised would do more to expose the corruption of this mis-administration than anything else. I waffle on it myself. Some days I think impeachment is a great idea and others I think, no, get them out at the ballot box. She’s in an unenviable, rock and a hard place, kind of a position.

  2. I wonder how the sponsors of Fox and Friends will feel having their products associated with racist views.

    Would the Fox and Friends moral prostitutes still think it’s funny?

  3. During this morning’s (Monday, 7/15) CNN rehash of Drumph’s blathering, they pointedly talked about our being a Nation of Immigrants, that many of us need only go back a couple of generations to have ancestors who were, to greater or lesser extent, facing the kind of immigrant push-back that Drumph is now doing, BUT NEVER ONCE pointed out that Drumph is in that same boat with his immigrant mother and paternal grandfather.

    • One of my nephews is an immigrant. From Africa. One of my cousins in that generation married a guy from a different part of Africa.
      Immigration is not over; I’m looking forward to meeting my newer family members.

  4. Speaker Pelosi responded to his tweet with this one of her own:

    When @realDonaldTrump tells four American Congresswomen to go back to your countries, he reaffirms his plan to “Make America Great Again” has always been about making America white again.
    Our diversity is our strength and our unity is our power.


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