Jeez, it’s almost amazing what a week of getting a bucket of shit dumped on your head by everybody but your mother will do do to clear your vision. And under pressure, once again Squeaker Cavein McCarthy has proven himself to be a spineless coward.

According to new reporting on The Hill, following a nonstop week of derision, condemnation, and threats from reputable news outlets, Kreepy Kevin has pulled the plug on Tucker Carlson’s planned Scamapalooza.

Republican leaders are emphasizing that no clips will be broadcast without prior security clearance while accusing Democrats of neglecting the same precautions during the investigation by the House select committee last year — a charge the Democrats quickly rejected.

This is going to be a major bummer for FUX News prime time traitor Fucker Carlson, who had been teasing his audience with the promise of starting to air the footage this week from the Capitol riot. There’s just one problem. Carlson doesn’t have the footage. According to reporting, Carlson went to DC last week to view the footage, but he didn’t actually obtain any.

McCarthy tried to pull a neat one, telling the media that FUX News had no intention of airing any footage that showed safe rooms or escape routes, and were working with Capitol Police for clearance.

Then, being a lame toady, he pulled a typical lame ass toady move by complaining that the J6 Committee had no such compunctions in airing whatever footage they chose in their hearings. Ignoring the fact that more than a week ago the Chairman, Bennie Thompson told reporters that all footage shown was pre cleared by the Capitol police.

McCarthy has a problem here, a severe professional one, and he knows it. The whole idea of leaking the footage to Carlson before anybody even knew that he did it was to give him time to rush to the air with the exclusive. But now his element of surprise is gone. He’s pissed it away, just like every other half ass dick move he pulls.

McCarthy’s problem is the Freedom of Information Act. If McCarthy offers it to FUX, it can’t be classified. But those videos belong to We the People, and not Kevin McCarthy. CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC are already threatening to go to court to get access to every second of footage FUX News has access to. And they’ll get it.

When Squeaker McCarthy’s perfidy became public, Machine Gun Margie proudly proclaimed that This is why she backed McCarthy for Speaker in the first place! Obviously the lazy lout didn’t bother to spend a couple of hours looking over McCarthy’s history. Let’s see what she says now that her grand plan has come a cropper, and FUX News isn’t going to lead to some grand Trump- clearing conspiracy fest.

House Squeaker Cavein McCarthy is a perpetual fuck up. Because he stands for nothing, and believes in nothing but securing his own power, he is incapable of the cognitive thought process required to pull off even the simplest scam. But never forget this. It only takes one dissatisfied GOP House member to bring his reign to an end. And he’s already on borrowed time.

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  1. “FUX News had no intention of airing any footage that showed safe rooms or escape routes”

    But FUX can still see all that stuff and share it with someone (Putin???) without airing it, can’t they?

  2. Yesterday there were articles in numerous places (including here on PZ) about REPUBLICANS saying (on the record even) it seemed like MTG and McCarthy were making the beast with two backs. I guess THAT is over with! Maybe in time, after all the jokes about Margie cutting Kev off (and speculation on social diseases they might have given each other – McCarthy was after all said to be having an affair with a married GOP Congresswoman) perhaps I won’t have to buy a new 55 gallon drum of Brain Bleach every day!

  3. Well, damn it!!! Good news that only tffg getting arrested could top. Thank you Murf, for making my month. I know it’s only the 1st, so the next one is going to have to be good!

    • Instead of doing the name calling and a biased op-ed, how about telling the story and leave your personal crap out of it.

  4. Alas, the gang that couldn’t shit straight. Best to fuck up this kind of thing than, you know, actually trying to govern. Will Charlie McCarthy make it through the summer? If the fabulist Republicans keep it up, Jeffries will indeed become Speaker.

  5. all you guys talking shit on FOX, Tucker Carlson, and Republicans are really bigoted. When are you gonna talk about corrupt Jackass Joe Biden, lying Adam Schitt, or Swallowswell.
    All the major news outlets are nothing but propaganda machines and the vast majority of politicians are crooked, power hungry leaches on American society. Jackass Joe is in bed with China. Both parties are more concerned with fighting each other instead of what is good for the USA. You guys just like Tucker talking shit on people that don’t agree with you. Somehow we must find some middle ground before Democrats and Republicans destroy this country



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