I’ll be the first one to admit it, I’m not the most patient man in the world. After all, when you’re raising 4 girls, patience can cost you that second scoop of mashed potatoes. I prefer my satisfaction sooner rather than later.

Which is why, after writing yesterday about Neil Young’s pissing contest against Spotify over outlaw podcast serial liar Joe Rogan, it’s already going so poorly for Spotify. Nota Bene. A comment in that article straightened out my misconception by pointing out that Spotify wasn’t so much a social media as music and podcast outlet. Thanks for that. But I’m not much into music, that’s Teri, and I wouldn’t know a podcast from a peapod. My technological ignorance knows no bounds.

The wheels are falling off for Spotify. Within a day or so of backing misinformation scumbag Joe Rogan over Hall of Fame rocker Neil Young, cuz Rogan brings in more revenue, Spotify found out what real money means. Joni Mitchell joined Neil Young in vacating the site, and Spotify took a $2 billion hit in the stock market.

And it’s only going to get worse, because it’s starting to go viral. I’m hoping more high profile talent votes with their feet from Spotify. And Spotify doesn’t seem to know whether to shit, go blind, or wind their watch. Helpful hint from one who knows. Shit and wind your watch. But what did they do? Promise to add a Misinformation Disclaimer to Rogan’s podcast.
Really? That’s it? The fight against misinformation is one of the hottest social issues there is, and you just want to call it bullshit?

Look, personally I have no personal opinion on Spotify whatsoever outside of the context of this particular controversy. And so I don’t mind giving them a little free advice. As I wrote previously, history doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme. And I can sum up your current position for you in three simple words, Rush fucking Limbaugh.

Limbaugh was the undisputed king of conservative radio, and a fouler, filthier, more divisive scumbag never befouled the earth. But he had the highest ratings, the best flagship radio networks, and the highest advertising revenue rates in radio. He had it by the short and curlies.

And then he had to go off and try to slut shame a Georgetown law student, Sandra Flook, for her testimony in front of congress that Obamacare needed to cover contraception, so that she could get hers for an underlying physical condition that had nothing to do with pregnancy. He spent days gleefully dragging her through the mud, while his knuckle dragging audience giggled and guffawed, and then a funny thing happened.

Civilized society reared up and struck back. A very well organized group called Flush Rush sprung up online, with volunteers suffering the sins of the damned to listen to Limbaugh’s filth, just so they could chart his sponsors. Which they posted on the site, along with contact information. And then the internet took over, writing, texting, and emailing the sponsors, threatening the sponsors en masse with a national boycott of their crap if they didn’t stop advertising on Limbaugh’s show.

And it worked. Major sponsors started bailing from Limbaugh like British soldiers scrambling onto the fishing boats at Dunkirk. Flagship radio stations dropped him in major markets, leaving him with second or third tier broadcasters for his vile shit. His contract negotiations went into the toilet. And just like that, Limbaugh’s days as a power broker were over.

Look Spotify, pay attention to me or don’t, wadda I care? But I’m telling you, you have made the fatal error of stirring up the social media hornet’s nest, and that way lies ruin. You can ditch Rogan now, or you can ditch him later, but you will ditch him. The only question left is how much you’ll lose before you finally pull the plug.



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  1. Word I heard, Murf, is that the Spotify losses are closer to 4 billion. Doesn’t make that 100 million dollar contract for Rogan worth it, does it?

    A quote from, of all things, a roleplaying game book that I’m fond of is a nice rephrase of your final paragraph: “Let me be clear: you can accept my offer now or later. You will like it much less later.”

    • They have set themselves up for a choice of either losing big or losing little. Not that 100 million bucks (which was their first mistake – shelling out that much for a hack like Rogan in the first place) is small potatoes but the loss of company valuation makes that tip money. I’m sure the “young & ‘hip'” powers-that-be at Spotify looked at Neil Young and saw some old fart that no one (certainly not them) even knew of much less admired. And figured Rogan with his shock-jock schtick was “happening” and “now” and yawned. Young of course has multiple iconic songs & performances and has collaborated with some of the biggest rock music legends of all time. His and other’s work from forty, fifty and I guess even longer years ago still resonates. Including with young folks when they actually listen to it instead of the endless parade of people “rapping” to a drum beat and some lame ass tones on a keyboard. (Sorry Ari Melber – you seem pathetic in your attempts to be “cool” by contantly citing rap lyrics instead of iconic song phrases that have stood the test of time)

      What I was hoping for and which happened was another old-school icon following Young’s lead and Joni Mitchell went public. I said if some others joined Young it might snowball and I believe that’s what’s going to happen in the days (maybe even weeks) ahead. I’m sure the honchos at Spotify are telling themselves the stock will rebound and all will be well. I also believe that if I’m correct and the number of artists and perhaps even other podcasters speak up and say “him or me” much of that company value will be gone for good.

      They can rationalize all they want by saying they’ve added a “disclaimer”, and Rogan himself can try to claim he’s “not saying one way or the other – just asking ‘questions'” but he’s promoting dangerous anti-vax stuff and he damn well knows it despite his attempts to create creative/legal “wiggle room” with the “just asking questions” bullshit.

      Let me turn it around on him. Hey Joe! Is it true you jack off to pictures of people who died of Covid as they are being zipped into a body bag? Or pictures of toothless, fat white guys (and gals) at Trump rallies imagining them giving you a “gum job type blowjob?” I’m just asking! I know I heard it somewhere… Come to think of it, I also heard because you’ve got some fame and money, even though you were too young at first you bought YOUR way to the front of the Covid vaccine line during the initial rollout when it was supposed to be just older people and those with certain medical conditions. I’m just asking…

      (Ok, the first one is just straight up mockery of the guy but I’ll bet the second one about getting HIS ass vaxxed is true!)

      So again, Spotify is between a rock and a hard place and both are squeezing in like a couple of magnets pulling together. And they put themselves in that place. One way or the other it is I believe going to cost them to escape the proverbial big squeeze, and as I startet out saying I think they are very soon (if not already) facing the choice of losing big or losing little. But the longer they take to come up with a policy on disinformation/FALSE information with teeth in it strong enough to rein Rogan in the more it’s going to cost them.

  2. Well, I for one had no idea that rogan character was spreading his stupidity on spotify. Reckon I’ll use a service other than spotify. They do realize don’t they we can go elsewhere? One more example of how piss-poor decisions can really mess up finances. lol

  3. It was a Variety writer who cherrypicked the losses. Nasdaq was crashing that week anyway and Spotify’s losses were in momentum even without N. Young leaving.
    I prefer vax’d people and love Young’s music and Rogan is kinda bunk, but the 2B figure is quite inflated.


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