Purportedly Donald Trump is claiming that Queen Elizabeth knighted him in private. Don’t pay a lot of mind to it, is my initial take. I can’t find the “truth” on Truth Social so I speculate it’s fake.

But I’ll tell you what is not fake and that is Sir Donald’s tribute to the Queen in the Daily Mail. That is findable and verifiable.

  • Former President lauds the late Queen’s ‘grace, charm, nobility… she was an icon to the world and her loss is felt by billions’
  • ‘She was beloved by the American People like few others – the Queen was truly special to us,’ he writes
  • Gives a heartfelt account of ‘talking the whole evening’ and being with her ‘side-by-side’ during his state visit to the UK…memories he and Melania will ‘cherish for the rest of our lives’
  • Says ‘she saw her country through the Blitz of London, the Cold War, the Falklands conflict, the coal miners’ strikes, Brexit, COVID, and so much more – she was always there for her people—resolute and unflappable’
  • ‘Her Majesty missed nothing,’ he writes. ‘She always knew exactly what to say…’ revealing her answer to his intriguing question about Britain’s PMs
  • As we grieve,’ he writes, ‘we are comforted that King Charles III will be a great and outstanding successor… Melania and I were blessed to get to know him well… he will be an inspiration to the British People’
  • His generous tribute concludes: ‘She was Britain at its best. God bless the Queen. God bless her family. God bless the United Kingdom’
  • Full coverage: Click here to see all our coverage of the Queen’s passing

God bless us all and Tiny Tim. Sweet Jesus.

Here’s what’s going around Twitter like wildfire.

It’s good for laughs. Take it that way because I think the “truth” is fake. At least I can’t find it and I looked.

As stated, I believe it’s fake. But this isn’t.

These people’s religion is celebrity. They worship money as their God and celebrity is their scripture. This is the realm of which Trump is a knight. Celebrity. Not the United Kingdom. Oh, well. If you can’t have the Nobel Prize, I guess Knight Of The Realm will do.


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  1. He didn’t write that tribute. It was written by someone who has a much better grasp of language. It didn’t have the word “tremendous” in it and it didn’t end with “I was robbed.”

    He was knighted like he won the Nobel Prize, he was on the cover of TIME, he won all those golf tournaments, he’s irresistible to women and he won in 2020.

    • Yet it still rings true because it is filled with lying boasts and makes no sense. She wore a brooch the Obamas gave her,,and somehow I don’t think she did it to honor the U.S. She was the Queen of Shafe, and the best kind of shade is when the recipient doesn’t get the insult but everyone else does . And I doubt Charles remembers Kimberley. So not his type.

    • I am dead positive that the “truth” is a photoshop. No question there. But it makes for great satire on top of the tweet about King Charles declaring war if Trump isn’t restored to power. That part of it I loved.

    • You are right. The Queen would never have knighted anyone spontaneously and privately. When she kights people it is in a ceremony, the preople beikgn knighted are on the Honor List, which is prepared well in advance, and contains the names of people who have contributed noteworthy service to Btitain. All of that lets Donald out.

      Also, isn’t there something in the Constitutin about gvernmrnt officials not being allowed to have or accept foreign titles? When you see a uUS citizen at any level being honored by a foreign nation it’s a medal or ribbon, not a title.

  2. Hi. My name is really Jesus. I came back in secret in 1953. I’m just waiting for the right moment to judge the living and the dead. Just be patient. You’ve still got time to repent but not much. That’s my last warning. Love you. Bye.

    • Hey, Gee, how ya doin’ Bro? I’m Mary Magdalene. We used to hang out back in the hood, when you were rooming with those twelve guys, all that. Remember? I loved that gag you did with the water and the wine at your mom’s house. Can you do that again Saturday night? Having a few folks over.

      • Hey. Great to hear from you. I’d love to but after my last gig I now attend AA incognito to avoid the publicity. Timing is everything.

    • Your thumbs down will be dealt with when you die. Somewhere in space & time you’re already dead. Arrogance & lies are not a good way to face eternity. Take my word for it. Jesus

      • You’re good Scott Samuel Jackson! And Ursla I love the repartee! Thank you both for brightening my day! From my lips to the Goddess’ ear “Blessed be” )O(

  3. Well, for starters why was it secret all this time? Then there’s the problem of the law, under which an American cannot be Knighted/Accept a Knighthood. Ok, it’s happened because some fancy diplomatic tap-dancing can be done (SERIOUS tap-dancing I might add) to make it “Honorary”, so some American has the title of Knight but none of the actual privileges under British law or the British Order they are Knighted into. If those in “the club” don’t want them at some gathering they can deny them. Simple as that. How many British clubs, Orders would want TRUMP stomping around their club or some gathering? Or around the House of Lords? ZERO. So there’s that too.

    Basically it’s just more bullshit from Trump.

    As a Master Mason who completed Scottish Rite (known as 32nd Degree, with the teachings being Old Testament based) AND York Rite (teaching based on the New Testament) I have been Knighted – in the York Rite with the bells and whistles even of being tapped on the shoulders and being handed the (unsharpened I might add) sword. So I learned how to do sword stuff like Present Arms (salutes) and stuff before I was ever a Marine. Anyway, it’s nice that I can refer to myself as a Knight Templar but outside the Masonic fraternity in which a long ago ceased to be active (having become agnostic) it doesn’t mean shit.

    Yet it’s STILL more than I’m quite certain Trump can legitimately claim. Suck on THAT Trump! In fact, I’ll bet I can convince a nearby Commandery to give me an old, beat up sword that I’d be happy to send to you – so you can shove it up your ass! Sideways!

    • Many (a least 27) Americans (President Ronald Regan, Bill and Melinda Gates, Colin Powell , to name just a few) have all been cited as ,”Honorary Knights and/or Dames”, all of them have been allowed to keep the titles amd not one of them has gotten into “trouble”. A quick web search, would prove this to you in approximately one minute.

      • That’s the point I was making. There are some actual (and quite nice) benefits conferred when one is granted British Knighthood, but because Americans cannot accept them or even the formal title of Knight to a foreign power, even such a strong ally there is some stuff that happens to make the title “Honorary.” Still a pretty cool thing, but there is an actual difference between being a true Knight of the Realm and being an Honorary Knight, the status an American must accept.

  4. Yet it still rings true because it is filled with lying boasts and makes no sense. She wore a brooch the Obamas gave her,,and somehow I don’t think she did it to honor the U.S. She was the Queen of Shafe, and the best kind of shade is when the recipient doesn’t get the insult but everyone else does . And I doubt Charles remembers Kimberley. So not his type.

  5. Folks, mental illness is not rational. It is easily determined to be irrational, that is why rational people can easily identify it in people like Trump. His illness is there to see for people with enough intelligence to look.

  6. No, Trump didn’t claim he was privately knighted, but not because he wouldn’t have had he thought of it before someone else stole his chance of getting away with it with that fake post. LOL


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