The Simplest Explanation for Why Trump Has No Legal Strategy: Trump Is Always in Charge


Well, this makes sense:

Speaking with AM Joy host Joy Reid, a former Watergate prosecutor and current legal analyst for MSNBC said Trump’s legal team is a disaster because the president is acting as his own advisor and using his lawyers as “shills.”

Can you imagine a scenario where Trump would concede that someone knows more than him about any given situation, including complex professional situations such as what he needs regarding a legal strategy? Me, neither.

And thus it makes sense, why Trump has no discernible legal strategy. It is because he has been operating as his own lawyer this entire time. This is how one ends up with Rudy Giuliani “joining” Trump’s legal team, and immediately taking a new course, with new facts, one that contradicted the old course, the facts that had been asserted by previous attorneys.

It also shines a little more light into the dark question we confronted two nights ago when I wrote about the fact that neither Cohen, nor Trump, will tell their private attorneys what type of materials might be found among the items seized by the FBI. Why tell the lawyers something that will cause them to lose faith in you, they’re your “spokespeople” and you need them believing you?

“What’s going on here is the chief lawyer is Donald J. Trump,” Akerman explained. “He [Giuliani] is taking his cues from Donald Trump. He is basically just a shill for Donald Trump and he’s also taking on the entire rule of law and undermining our system of justice and attacking the FBI, attacking the U.S. Attorney’s office.”

“I mean, he actually referred to the FBI agents who executed a valid search warrant on the office of Michael Cohen as a bunch of storm troopers,” he added. “Now, as part of that U.S. Attorney sort of alumni, this has raised major concerns of us communicating with each other in an e-mail I got that I think really sums it up.”

‘I won’t name the person that did it,” Akerman admitted. “But he said, ‘For those who regard the United States Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York as a model of prosecutor’s office should be, it was distressing to see the former leader of that office, Rudolph Giuliani, telling Sean Hannity that FBI agents acting under the supervision of that office are, ‘storm trooper.’”

Okay, that satisfies me. I have trouble seeing Trump taking advice from anyone, about anything.

Does this extend beyond law?

Trump is not a learned man. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know (“Who thought health care could be so complicated?”). So, my question now is, we have 2 glowing doctors’ reports about Trump’s health, even though the world can “see” indications of symptoms or behaviors that could be “worrisome” traits, things that might indicate bigger problems. We now know for a fact, that Trump dictated the one glowing health report to a weird, but now, strangely honest, doctor. What about the other “glowing health report”?  We now know that Dr. Jackson had real problems at the time, problems that might have been unknown outside the White House, but perhaps well-known within? “Candyman”? Drunken tirades on the road? Hostile work environments? Do we know that Trump did not sit down and tell Dr. Jackson exactly what his health report/physical exam would state? Is Trump hiding something?

Why did his bodyguard and lawyer seize original copies of his medical records?

Better question, why do we tolerate a president where questions like this are even legitimate? Because I am afraid we are there, now, given all that has transpired over the last few weeks. I think we are to the point where there is reason to doubt Dr. Jackson’s report, the one that described the president’s health as “perfect” except for the part that we can see on TV- that he’s overweight? “Perfect” sounds familiar. Is Trump acting as his own doctor and lawyer? it would explain a great deal.

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