*Yesterday I published this while committing the single biggest sin that a person can make, based it on a tweet that was from 2016, that wasn’t pointed out as 2016. Normally those get caught very easily but I just blew it. 

I am not erasing the article because I update and admit mistakes, I don’t hide them. I also think that a LOT Of the information below remains every bit as true.

I apologize for the error. 

Excuse me but fck him.

Selma, Alabama, is a national treasure. It was a turning point in the Civil Rights Movement because it was all captured on national television. People in the North and West hadn’t appreciated the viciousness and violence of the state police against a perfectly peaceful group of “negroes,” in the parlance of the day. When they did, the tide changed. MLK found himself on the Mall, speaking to a million people.

Trump is going to Selma to sh*t all over that symbolism and bring some new symbolism. Trump is going to Selma to send a message. “Elect me, and I’ll put black people back in their place.” And any such promise to take us back in time, to when white men ruled without question, also imperils all POC, LGBTQ, Immigrants, and our Jewish family members – note that, of late, Trump has included the phrase “George Soros-funded” prosecutor quite a few times. Soros might have nothing to do with funding the D.A. Anytime the GOP says “Soros, they mean Jews generally.

Trump has also talked about sending the military into cities with “Marxist, racist, D.A.’s that aren’t enforcing the law “properly.” Recently he said (And this is from my most recent Substack article)

“I will send in the National Guard until law and order is restored. You know we’re not supposed to do that.

He is acknowledging that it’s unconstitutional, and he doesn’t fcking care. He is going to declare martial law, and God help you if you are a black man in those military-policed cities.

He said that before he got a heads-up. He said it before he knew he was going to be arrested on Tuesday. Try to wrap your mind around the anger he will have tonight, and should he win in 2024. And no, I do not believe that New York can get a criminal trial finished by November 2024. There are a million ways to delay trials, and there are ways to appeal issues prior to the trial date. I don’t know what will happen if Trump is convicted and imprisoned in New York by election day. If he won, it would cause a Constitutional collapse and a failed state. He will have to cheat. But he can do it.

Back to Selma. Back to the fact that he knows he will be arrested on Tuesday – according to him. (It might be smart for authorities to arrest him in the middle of the night Sunday to throw off the timing). Now he knows he’s about to be arrested. Just imagine what he’s going to say tonight. The symbolism is we’re going back to where the national guard is free to beat the shit out of black people (mostly) and everyone else in that lane, including everyone that doesn’t support Trump, anyone protesting.

He has already posted constantly on Truth Social, each one getting increasingly vicious, talking about the nation being “gone,” their “way of life destroyed,” he is saying that you might as well burn this fcking place to the ground because it’s not worth pissing on at this point. He will be even angrier tonight.

All because of one man.

Had Ted Cruz won the presidency in 2016, (Or friggin’ Hillary. Thanks, Comey, for announcing the “emails” 12 days before the election, clearing her two days prior.), Cruz would’ve signed all the tax cuts, put extremely conservative justices on the SCOTUS, all of it. But our nation wouldn’t be imperiled. Our constitution wouldn’t be imperiled. All because of one man who will literally toss away the United States’ Constitution, the world’s greatest force for good over the last 80 years (Not “all” good, but the greatest amount). Because HE needs it.

He talks about the MAGAs “very way of life” being threatened and goes to Selma to say that “I’ll bring back your dream way of life.” His political career started by complaining about vicious undocumented immigrants, and he’s attracted “deplorables” ever since. Racism is the platform, violence is the policy, and fascism is the promise, all to his greater glory. He wants to “rule” – without any restraints – for the rest of his life.

I implore you to read this Substack Article Linked, where I set it all out, what he’s promised to do, and if it doesn’t terrify you… And I wrote it before I knew he was going to Selma. He didn’t randomly pick Selma off the map. Three days prior to his arrest, he’s going to the place where the National Guard and police beat people into their place, even though the “Movement” won in the end (Sort of).

Bloody Sunday. Selma Alabama. Trump is in town. He’s angrier than he’s been in his life. He is sending his people out, ready to be violent.

I am so sick of this shit! Why can’t we have a normal United States?  It lasted 240 years. Everything Trump touches dies and if you read this article (I don’t get paid by views, only donations, so I’m not pumping for money…), you’ll see how close we are.



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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. There is one, and only one, reason we are in this time crunch with the 2024 elections. Because our useless, utterly spineless AG Merrick Garland wasted two full years hiding under his desk instead of doing his job. Installing a coward like Garland at this critical point in time will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in American history. And possibly one of the last. The last thing we needed after 4 years of Trump and the January 6th insurrection was a weakling in charge of the DOJ.

  2. Traitor Tot cannot get the incel MAGAts of his cult laid that is his problem. He could not pay enough money for a hooker for even one of them!
    Traitor Tot needs to be convicted and shot for TREASON!

  3. Thing is I don’t think trump cares at this point that he could be doing demolition to his own agenda – he just craves what he sees as the ‘glory’ in his head of being a person like Hitler or Mussolini who got all that power that he craves himself ! He has complete delusions of grandeur & that has taken over his brain so much, he cannot think rationally – it’s all about him & GLORY ! This is why the kids have pulled back – because they know he is on a FINAL mission & they have no intention of joining him in that ! I’m quite sure the minute he is dead they will breathe a huge sigh of relief & they are likely quite happy for that to be as soon as possible ! Hopefully some of his prior supporters are now recognizing he is like everybody’s ‘crazy uncle’ who cannot be changed ! Also hopefully the number of folks who would still obey his ‘call to action’ are greatly reduced because of what happened last time – none of them want to end up in jail for him ! I can’t believe we are still having to put up with this so many years after that ride down the escalator !!!


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