It seems that when the pool at Mar-A-Lago was drained last October, a careless maintenance worker released the water into the room where the servers containing the surveillance video of the roach motel were housed.

Oops –

Forbes Magazine

“A Mar-A-Lago employee flooded the room where security footage was stored while draining the resort pool last October, CNN reported Monday—an incident that raised suspicions among Justice Department investigators who are nearing the conclusion of their investigation into former President Trump’s handling of classified documents…

…The flood could also factor into a possible charge of conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice, CNN reported, citing multiple sources who said prosecutors are examining whether Trump and his associates took additional steps to interfere with its investigation.”

Gee, ya think?

Trump’s lawyers maintain there was no damage to the servers but…

ACYN and his crew on Twitter are just a tad suspicious.

No harm no foul, right guys?








I just hope the gopher is O.K.

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  1. This will be priceless when the Obstruction of Justice stuff gets delved into at trial. Can you imagine Trump’s lawyers trying to (and he will DEMAND they do so) advance the argument that “Golly Gee your honor and members of the jury… All that water from the pool had to go somewhere! Yes, the ocean is right there and the ground slopes away down towards it but somehow the maint. guy got mixed up. Vertigo maybe? Anyway he went inside, and TOTALLY by accident with NO suggestion or coaching from ANYONE worked his way around the place with his hose. Maybe he got lost. But it was TOTAL accident. TOTALLY a freak random thing that he SOMEHOW ended up in the IT room! Honest! it’s such an easy mistake to have made. Could happen to anyone! Instead of taking the end of the hose and walking out towards the ocean so the water could drain down there he ACCIDENTALLY went inside with it! I mean, why would anyone think draining an entire pool INSIDE the building instead of outside where it could flow down to the ocean on purpose. It’s NOT like anyone suggested he take the hose inside. Or to THAT specific room!”

    The only question in my mind is when the folks in the gallery in the courtroom bust out in side-splitting, gasping for air and tears running down their faces laughter the jury will be able to keep from joining in. And the judge. And the prosecutors.

    And Trump as all this goes on around him? You think that slow-burn look of hate he directed at President Obama during that WH Correspondent’s Dinner was memorable this will make it look like Trump was smiling and genuinely good-naturedly laughing at himself in comparison. I hope that please, pretty please someone will have snuck a cell-phone into court to video Trump’s ugly face turning to a never before seen shade of orange.

    • After. The issue that caused this “accidental on purpose” flooding is that the IT room had servers containing stored surveillance videos. The FBI had long been aware of it and obtained some already. As things went on they realized there were more dates/time periods that could have evidence of criminal activity related to the documents and wanted to obtain it. The plan to “accidently” flood the room was intended to ruin the servers with water damage (water and electronics don’t mix!) and prevent the FBI from getting any more evidence. It’s not clear the plan worked, and in fact if reporting is to be believed the saboteurs botched the job. Here’s another possibiity. Trump, or more probably one of the few attorneys with some level of sense and self-preservation realized before all this the FBI might well come back with a search warrant for more video. And that Trump would pull a stunt like this. Not wanting to lose their law license and maybe even go to jail for taking part in Obstruction of Justice they had copies made. Or maybe the IT techs did, especially if they’d gotten their own lawyers instead of relying on Trump paid/provided ones after their first encounter with FBI agents. In other words some butt-covering went on. If THAT went down, imagine how much stronger the case against Trump will be!

  2. He better hope he got big bucks and wss paid in advance because Trumps. unlike Lannisters, do not pay their org are paying for his lawyer.

  3. Seems to me I read yesterday that Trump already pulled this stunt about 30 years ago, document death by drowning? I think so. Was it here?


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