The Honorable, the Chief Justice and the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States. Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! All persons having business before the Honorable, the Supreme Court of the United States, are admonished to draw near and give their attention, for the Court is now sitting. God save the United States and this Honorable Court. (traditional announcement give by the Marshal at the beginning of each SCOTUS session)

Not only no, but HELL NO. There is NOTHING at all honorable about what SCOTUS has just done and clearly intends to do. Still, as numerous news stories including this one from USA Today say, without actually saying it that Trump has been right. It IS his Supreme Court. Because they have done EXACTLY what Trump wanted them to do and practically speaking make sure he will never stand trial in DC for trying to overthrow the government he still ran at the time of the January 6 insurrection riot.

At least not until after the November election. And if Trump wins because SCOTUS made sure he couldn’t be held to account? Not even then because all federal cases and investigations of him will cease. And he’ll order any state officials who use state laws to investigate/prosecute him thrown in jail. If not summarily executed.  It turns out Trump’s boasts about it being “his” Supreme Court was the truth after all. They had hoped to hide how much so until after November but their hand was forced early. But make no mistake – they are doing what they can to help Trump win.

If you think I’m being too harsh about SCOTUS then ask yourself this question about the six Federalist Society groomed Fascists bearing the title “Justice” – what if instead of Trump (or some other Republican) Barrack Obama (or some other Democrat) had refused to leave office? Who took part in planning a coup and who incited a riot to try and overturn the results of the election? They would have heard and denied a bullshit “Presidential Immunity” appeal faster than back in 2000 the then SCOTUS heard, decided and issued its ruling in Bush v Gore. (four effing days!)  Any conservative reading this, and any I will talk to in the future who denies this? I’ll say it here and to your face – YOU ARE A GODDAMNED F**KING LIAR!

SCOTUS knows the practical effects of what they’ve done. They f**king KNOW it! Worse is how they played us all. Even early this afternoon when this came up in punditry the thinking was that we don’t have any news from them because the votes aren’t there to either grant a stay or even take the case but someone is writing a dissent and taking their time about it. I can’t put into words the raw hatred I feel towards them right now. Because they probably all gathered in Roberts’ chambers for rounds of toasts to the gullibility of pundits and the American public.

Again if there is a god then GOD DAMN THEM. Once again I find myself wishing I was a person of faith, so I could take some consolation in what they will face when they die. And wish for a chance to witness them dying, as with my P.O.S. grandfather. That terror of the realization it was time, as in time for them to start suffering in HELL for all eternity. Because they knew what they had done merited even worse than Satan himself could dish out. Satan could summon the most prolific of series killers and tyrants and for good measure conjure up versions of fictional ones to conceive the the most horrific spot in hell and even THAT wouldn’t be harsh enough.

They have breathed life into Trump’s legal hopes. In doing so they’ve breathed hope into MAGA and Congress Critters hell bent on destroying the American experiment. They have gut-punched/crotch-kicked the rest of the free world by in effect saying: there are no rules when it comes to Trump, and as far as we’re concerned our Constitution no longer matters, at least when its inconvenient for the way conservatives want things to be. What THAT does is embolden the Putins of the world.  Freedom dies under the table where six Federalist Society jagoffs take turns giving Trump handjobs and blowjobs.

Anyway, let’s look at the mechanics of just how appalling all this is. This Presidential Immunity claim was always going to wind up being dropped in their laps. That’s why Special Counsel Jack Smith took the uncommon but far from unprecedented step back in December 2023 to get them to go ahead and take up the case. They demurred and said let the appeals process play out. I have to admit how wrong I’ve turned out to be. I thought SCOTUS wanted no part of this case. But they had to make it look good and let Trump do an appeal. And, if the appellate decision was as strong as judge Chutkan’s original ruling they’d pass – let the appellate ruling denying Trump stand and dump all the blame on the DC Circuit.

Boy was I ever wrong. If I live to be 90 and eat copious amounts of crow every day I won’t come close to consuming enough to cover how wrong I’ve turned out to be. What I have to admit, because now it’s painfully obvious is that the six GOP appointed FASCIST Federalist Society groomed so-called Justices have had Trump back all along. That there wasn’t a chance in hell they were going to allow Jack Smith to get him into court in DC and convict him. They already knew there was no way judge Cannon down in Florida was going to allow a trial before the election. But judge Chutkan is a solid jurist who believes in things like the rule of law. And knows how to move a case along.

And those Federalist Society f**kwads on SCOTUS simply weren’t going to allow THAT. Sure, they’ve ruled against Trump here and there but he’d be really, really mean to them if they didn’t bail him out on this one. Set his MAGAs on them. Worse, because of what they unleashed with the Dobbs decision they’re staring at an electorate that might sweep out a lot of GOPers come November. THAT could mean some changes to the judiciary including perhaps even a move to expand SCOTUS. A convicted in federal court and an airing of evidence the public has yet to hear would destroy both Trump and the GOP.

So they plotted. Like the very Jan. 6 plotters to stage a coup. For SCOTUS, the coup is the very rule of law. Over the entrance to the court engraved in the marble or the words “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW.” What SCOTUS is saying is forget that nonsense. They’re saying: we are going to have one set of rules for certain people that are lenient, and another stringent, even brutal set of rules for the rest (most) of you. And if you don’t like it “Neener Neener!” Come to think of it, while we know Thomas was well aware of things in the lead up to Jan. 6 thanks to his wife (even probably giving her and others legal advice) it’s now fair to wonder how many others on the Court he took into is confidence. Or at least with some wink wink, nod nods let know what was coming.

The six of them might as well ALL have been in those rooms with Trump, Eastman, Chesebro, Rudy, Bannon, Stone and others plotting on keeping Trump in the WH by any means necessary.

Any pretense that these six “Justices” are impartial, or care one bit about the Constitution and the rule of law has been stripped bare. And what we have is as disgustingly ugly as a picture I once saw of a naked obese guy that looked for all the world like Trump being spray painted orange.  They should change to wearing white robes and MAGA hats when they take the bench.  If there was some drug that could make these NON Justices feel like they’ve been dipped in acid, rolled down a hill covered in barbed wire and then dragged around and old-fashioned running track made up of cinder I’d gladly give the injections. And tell them once the suffering set in “You deserve FAR worse. My only regret is that I can’t make you suffer more.”

How bad is it? The “expedited” schedule calls for oral argument the week of APRIL 22!  They took weeks to (finally) say they were granting Cert. It’s already been fully briefed from both sides, yet it’s going to be TWO F**KING MONTHS before they will even hear argument. Expedited? My ass!  In theory they could make a ruling in days, or in a week or two. In theory I could win the Powerball jackpot tonight. I’m not holding my breath. What I think might be going on is that even SCOTUS Republican appointees except maybe Thomas and Alito don’t want to shame themselves to all of history by creating out of nothing a version of the Presidency that frees them from accountability to the rule of law.  The know their Trump, and how skilled he has been during his despicable life of drawing out justice and accountability for his misdeeds.

This time they’ve chosen to team up with him. If he somehow wins in November they’re set. He’ll extract some payback for various other rulings he didn’t like but he’ll let them sit in their little building and PRETEND like they are the ultimate arbiters of the law and Constitution. If he loses they figure he’ll be badly wounded and broke enough that even he won’t be able to set MAGA nation after them.  Here’s what will happen. Oral arguments will be held the week of April 22. (and that night oral sex on Trump by six of the Justices – I don’t need to name them do I?)  They will take at least a month before issuing a ruling. Perhaps even delay until the last day of the term. But even with a ruling issued in late May or early June the earliest a DC trial could start (assuming five of them don’t let Trump off the hook and create a whole new version of Presidential powers – for him and only him of course) would be August. And given Smith says the DC trial will take three months that’s it.

It will be delayed until after the election. Like I said, so much for “expedited.” They can call it whatever they want but it doesn’t change the fact that they are in the tank for Trump. Roberts is trying to salvage something of his legacy but he’s presided over all this. HE is responsible for shooting American representative democracy is the head, and leading the the other five in violating the corpse.

If SCOTUS had done their job, done what they know goddamn well they SHOULD have done this case would already be back in judge Chutkan’s hands and headed for trial sometime in late May. A drowning Trump needed a life preserver and SCOTUS has thrown him one. It may or may not be enough to save him. But if it does and he gets back into the WH the day of inauguration will go down in history is the day democracy in the United States died – via execution. However, history (in other countries because it won’t be allowed here) will point to today as the “conception” – SCOTUS forcibly implanting it’s toxic sperm and then in true forced-birth style forcing the country to carry the creature to term.

My thoughts are in a very dark place. Not just dark but ugly. The very worst of myself. So I’d better shut up. But I can say it would be worth getting arrested to be able to be in the gallery of SCOTUS and hear that traditional greeting as the Justices come out. And after his “God save the United States and this Honorable Court” shout louder than all of my drill instructors combined – God DAMN this NOT Honorable Court which has SIX Federalist Society GROOMED FASCISTS who have NO loyalty to the law or the Constitution!

While being hauled out I’d shout if hate was capable of killing I’d have already turned them into ash heaps.  Call them the TRAITOROUS Trump toadies they are and all sorts of stuff that would echo down the halls. I’d be penalized more by the law for “resisting arrest” but I once was willing (as a Marine) to die for this country. I’d gladly do a stint in jail to defend it one last time even though the fight is already lost.


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  1. When the rule of ‘LAW’ fails then the rule of armed rebellion comes into play to honor the hundreds of thousands of patriots who lie in the ground that fought in the Revolutionary War to overthrow the king, the northern patriots of the Civil War to save the Union, and the 400,000 soliders in WW2 to stop Hitler. Vote!!! If we don’t stop this with the ballot then we WILL BE FORCED TO STOP IT WITH A REVOLUTION!

  2. If we do the work we know we need to do, Biden will be reelected. What SCOTUS has managed to do is ensure court expansion and ethics reforms, if we win. Their smart move would have been to quickly kick this back to Judge Chutkan for trial. This is just so blatantly helpful to TFG that they will never be able to erase the stentch.

    • I saw a talking head (can’t remember who) talk about the court and politics and their pretending politics don’t factor in. Yet it was clear during the ballot access oral arguments that politics DO factor in. And this pundit went on to note that even a majority of TRUMP voters say it would matter if he were to be convicted in DC! SCOTUS knows all this and yet has I’m convinced long ago (at least five of them) decided to DENY voters the knowledge they want to have before making a decision on who to vote for.

      The PEOPLE also have a right to their day in court. To a speedy trial. Yet at least five on SCOTUS have chosen to deny voters that very thing.

      We are past the concept of “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” and on to something even worse – Justice Delayed is FREEDOM Denied!

      I feel so fucking gullible and stupid for believing that at worst SCOTUS would hear the appeal but refuse to grant the stay and let work on the DC case to resume. The fact there were five votes to grant the stay is bad news. VERY bad. It means at least five are hoping to find a tortured way to let Trump off the hook entirely! To substitute themselves for a jury of regular citizens to hear evidence and render a verdict based on that evidence and the applicable law.

      And I’ll say again if it was a DEMOCRATIC President under indictment in DC for what Trump has done every fucking GOP appointed Federalist Society FASCIST would have taken the case back in Dec. when Jack Smith file his motion, heard oral arguments in the first week of the new year and rendered a decision by mid-January and we’d have a trial date in DC well before the end of May. In fact, judge Chutkan might well have set the trial for late March or the first week of April. Mid April at the latest and Alvin Bragg wouldn’t have had any issues with stepping back.

  3. I’m tired of not calling a spade, a spade. I’m sick to death of not saying what needs to be said: the magats on the s.c. need to have their asses 2-A’d. At least 5 and maybe roberts also to make it 6. Get rid of them, reform the court, REQUIRE at least the same ethics rules which govern all the other federal courts-since it is the highest court in the land, the standard actually needs to be considerably higher than what is required by the other federal courts.

    Moderator’s Note: Easy there spike. Direct threats to harm others isn’t allowed. It’s fine to say those people should be taken out of power but be careful about saying something that can be construed as direct physical harm.

    Hey there corrupt criminals on the s.c.: better watch your fucking backs because you are pissing off the wrong people.

  4. If trump’s trials are not completed how could he possibly be allowed to run for office? Many jobs do background checks and do not hire felons. Why does the American government allow future felons to run for president and if convicted give them access to the biggest guns of all? He needs to be removed from the ballot until all of his court judgements have been passed!


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