Shades of Mike Lindell. Another Republican claims knowledge that Donald Trump won California, and she’s getting her information from the spirit plane. Uh, huh. Rachel Hamm, who is seeking to become secretary of state for the Golden State is a self-proclaimed empath, who can read the true desires of voters, doncha know?

She speaks of “an intense energy and force that was going towards Trump, from California” which she perceived. Yes dear, we all perceived it, empath or not. It’s called unmitigated hatred and that is what Californians feel for the man. Or, she may have perceived disgust, which is also intensely felt. Hard to tell the two apart.

In any event, Hamm wants an audit in California and she will see that come to pass when Caitlyn Jenner is elected governor and rides in on a unicorn, with Ric Grenell, bedecked in a gimp suit, in tow on a leash.

Jus what you want in an elected official, psychic powers.

And here’s a bonus clip. This is Mike Lindell admitting that he doesn’t know much about computers, as a pillow guy, but man does he grok numbers.

You’ve got to hand it to Steve Bannon these days. He is putting together a series of guests whose collective derangement you wouldn’t find outside the confines of a mental hospital. This is right-wing politics for you, circa 2021. Steve Bannon is the new Jerry Springer.


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  1. I think the headline is pushing it a bit really – she never said anything about being ‘psychic’, nor mention the ‘spirit plane’. When she first came close to it, she said a phrase with a grin, indicating she didn’t claim any paranormal powers literally. Just let the general fruitqakery speak for itself – it doesn’t need exaggerating!

  2. It’s a good thing that her chance of winning is low. She’s clearly never checked out the website of the SOS, where elections are only one of the things the SOS is responsible for – and you can check election results for many years back.

  3. Jesus has been coming for over 2000 years. I always wonder why they ask for money. Can’t u win the lottery somefuckingwhere with those kind of powers? Wait. I see myself checking out.

  4. Somebody should have slapped her face when the smiled: I was always taught to strike a happy medium.

    As for the pillow guy – the word isn’t ‘deviations’ but ‘deviants’ – after all you support the ‘grab ’em by the p***y’ guy


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