If you wonder for even a moment how January 6 happened, you won’t after you listen to this broadcast. This is Stew Peters aka Stew Pidd, and he speaks in very plain terms about gathering together all the guns and overthrowing the government. Seems to me that he’s skating on some pretty thin ice, considering how many people went to prison for their illegal acts during the Capitol Riot. If, just granting for the sake of argument, somebody would do something stupid and say that they were “following Peters’ call to arms” or some such, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

I think he’s playing with fire. Or, maybe the end result of this rant has already been achieved because he just wants to make it to Right Wing Watch, knowing that the political blogs will all repost it so that we can gawk in awe. And gawk in awe is what I do. I find it fascinating that since the advent of Donald Trump the culture war has escalated, along with hate crimes, and government dysfunction generally. I will always repost these idiotic ravings because I seek to know what’s going on on the right side of the cultural spectrum and why they think like they do. This is most informative.

I think that this is parody, but don’t quote me. The lines are so close together nowadays as to blur.

Again, the operant principle here seems to be FAFO. I read a tragic article the other day about a story in Washington state. Seems a fellow and his wife were trying to help a deer cross the road and so they were slowing traffic. Some guy was driving by in his truck and he became frightened somehow, by the man, the woman and the deer. So he took out his gun and shot the man dead. He told the cops later, “I was scared.”

Scared of what, nobody knows. The police said that he could have simply driven around the people. They also said he fired his gun “in response to a routine situation with no reasonable indications that he was in danger.” But literally a man is dead, a woman left widowed a child left fatherless and all he was doing was attempting to help an animal stay safe. And the 22-year-old trigger happy jerk is now facing second degree murder charges, so he’s ruined his life, too.

We read these insane stories every single day about how irresponsible people with guns ruin lives. You cannot knock on the wrong door, or you could get shot. You cannot drive into the wrong driveway, or you could get shot.

We live in a world where conspiracy theory and lies run rampant and the people pushing them do it for profit. That’s all that this is about.

America is at a tragic crossroads. I do not know where the road will go, but more guns in the hands of trigger happy, paranoid lunatics is not the answer. And fomenting a revolution is sheer insanity. But that’s become the new normal, alas.

I think one small step for broadcasting and one giant step for mankind would be to deny broadcast privileges to people openly advocating sedition. Opinions are fine. The theory of “kill ’em at the ballot box” is the foundation of democracy. But saying elections don’t work and let’s gather all the guns together is sedition. And that was illegal, last I knew.

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  1. Unfortunately, the RWNJs actually believe that ‘kill them at the ballot box’ is perfectly fine – just shoot anyone who dares to vote against the little orange god

    • I watched the 2029 election. At one polling place the cops looked bored as hell with idiots barely the required 100feet from the lines of voters, brandishing their assault rifles and shotguns. Of course that law may only apply to. campaign literature,not guns.

  2. The problem is that elections do work, FOR THE MAJORITY!!! The minority cannot stand it so their answer is, of course, violence, as it is in so many third world countries of uneducated thugs.

  3. As long as our legal system ALLOWS Trump to OPENLY call for violence in VIOLATION of the very rules the court has laid down for a person charged with 91 FELONIES…is it any wonder his army of armed morons feel emboldened? I wonder how many pot smokers and daddys without children support money got hauled off to county jail today? HYPOCRISY is expensive. Unfortunately, in our two tiered system of injustice, only the poor pay for it. THE RICH WALK. The poor get detained until they get a chance to talk to a public defender who is underpaid, overworked, and disinterested nine out of ten times. Equal Justice Under Law. If you believe that…please put down the crack pipe. Expect more of the same…you know…until the next broadcast of hand wringing, thoughts, and prayers over the dead, by those wearing AR-15 pins.



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