One of the interesting things about the age of Trump, the rise of Q and the increase of truly off the walls religious sects is that you find normal life and institutions redefined in the strangest of ways. Here’s a perfect example. Did you know that our military won’t be “holy” any longer once it recognizes the service of lesbians? No? I’m sure you’re not alone, this is the first we’ve heard of this as well.

And this story comes out at the same time that Stephen Miller is preaching how the transgender people are responsible for the doom of western civilization and also at a time when a member of the Arkansas House of Representatives openly calls transgenders an abomination from the House floor. And don’t forget Marco Rubio turning off the rainbow lights on the bridge. He wants to get his two cents in as well.

Republicans hate and fear gay people. That is a sad fact, but a true one. And apparently they don’t talk to any gay people, because if they did, they would find out that the gays just want to continue to contribute to society, as they always have and simply be accepted.

It’s a hard call to make, who the Republicans hate and fear more, the POCs or the LGBTs. Right now I think it’s even money.


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  1. I hate to break bad news to these folks, but gays and lesbians have been serving in the military for a long time. I served 20 years, starting in 1975 and I have seen them throughout my time in service. That was a time when they had to keep their orientation secret or risk being discharged. Nonetheless, they served with honor.

  2. What these God-botherers don’t realize is their god made LGBTQ people in his image as well.
    Hating on them is therefore hating on him/her.
    So by their own rules, they will go to hell.

  3. When did our military become a sacred object, consecrated to a deity? Because that’s a clear violation of the First Amendment.

  4. It became clear to me when king Arthur called for the ‘holy’ hand grenade, gilded in red velvet & gold, with a cross on the top of the egg shaped vessel. They tried to take on the vicious rabbit by ground troops but failed. Monty Python & the Holy Grail lays it out clearly.

  5. I’d like to see the brain explosions that these clap-trap swallowing NJ’s would have if they found out what Alexander the Great got up to with his besties in his off hours. Or the 2nd Amendment Molon labe folks if they found out exactly what the relationship between a Spartan warrior and a young Spartan man learning the arts of war really was like.
    Of course, those tuff giiz don’t remember that there were 10,000 Athenians fighting alongside the 300 Spartans, that the Persians slaughtered most of them all and then burned Athens. Whadayagonnado?


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