In the morning hours on Friday there were jokes going around TwitX, to the effect that Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer decided to plead insanity and didn’t bother to tell his client. The scene as described in the courtroom was sheer comedy, with Rudy and his lawyer reduced to not speaking, but that didn’t preclude sending each other nasty grams via magic marker. It was opined by some that Rudy was too far gone, either emotionally, or chemically, or some combination thereof, to use normal writing tools but at least he wasn’t using crayon or lipstick, so that was considered a hopeful sign.

I figured that a good deal of the levity was sheer improvisation, although knowing Rudy, he who was married to his cousin for over a decade before finding out she was his cousin, he who had the most severe makeup malfunction ever recorded on live TV (when his hair dye came pouring down his face) and he whose farts were so loud that they made it to a cold open on Saturday Night Live, anything is possible. Take a look at these clips and see what you think. Here’s the tweet from this morning that set the stage for all the nuttiness.

The tweet ends “Moss & Freeman sit at crowded plaintiff’s table with 5 representatives We await Judge Beryl Howell.” Rudy doesn’t like the judge. He says she suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome, among many other ludicrous things.

He definitely seems a bit more impaired here. He really should just keep his mouth shut, or it’s going to be Trump post E. Jean Carroll, he’s going to find himself back for Defamation Round II.

And here’s where he goes after the judge. Not a good idea, counselor. You were a prosecutor for many many years. You should know all this.

And this is by no means the end for Giuliani. No, the end will come probably in Georgia. That’s when he will go to prison for all of this. Unless, maybe, he could cut a deal with Fani Willis. Where things were left there, was that the co-defendants were flipping like pancakes, one right after another, but it was thought that Trump and Giuliani would end up being fully tried. That was then, however, and this is now.

If Giuliani has something that Fani Willis wants and can use, this would be the time to negotiate, because otherwise the next stop is the House Of Many Doors.

Everything Trump Touches Dies. It’s only a question of when or how fast. So much for America’s Mayor, or as Jimmy Breslin characterized him, “a man constantly in search of a balcony.” He found the balcony with Donald Trump. And Trump managed to push him off of it.

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  1. Well, at least he won’t have to worry about not having a roof over his head. Stupid’s partner in crime will be spinning in bed tonight knowing that he is next.

    Have you felt like this lately? I know I have. We have work to do.

  2. Any attorney having Rudy as a client, is already in hell. The only deeper circle of hell an attorney can reach is the one drumpf’s attorneys reside in.

  3. If I were Fani Willis, there is NO WAY I’d let Rudy flip. First of all, he deserves consequences. Second, there is no way for anyone to know what he’d say on the stand. He’s incapable of telling, or even knowing, the truth.

  4. Dear Republicans, You’ll never rid yourself of the stink of Donald Trump. At least never in the lifetime of anybody around today. Trump’s stench is a tragic part of American history that will last generations. The entire world knows the foetor of his whipping up a crowd of thousands to try to assassinate the Vice President of the United States and the Speaker of the House.

    Trump’s minions urinated on the carpets in the hallowed halls of Congress, smeared feces on the walls, damaged priceless paintings from the founding era of our country, and murdered police officers protecting our nation’s Capitol. That stink will never fade, no matter how often his allies try to rewrite history, blur faces, or tell stories about bizarre “deep state” conspiracies. Did you think Americans would forget the stink of the 30,000+ documented lies he told America and the world while he was president? How about the reek of his dictator-like pronouncements that he will destroy the American Civil Service and fill our government with corrupt toadies, then imprison his political enemies and send the military into the streets like Maduro has done in Venezuela and tinpot dictators do all across the world? Do you really believe that we would forget the stink of his sucking up to murderous dictators like Putin, MBS, and Kim? You are cowards, all. Covered in your wretched, cowardly, unpatriotic stink. This is the man who tried to blackmail a democratic ally into manufacturing dirt on his political opponent, withholding aid to Ukraine in the face of Russian attacks. The stink of that crime was so heinous he was impeached for it. Do you think we failed to notice the reek of nepotism and corruption? Or the stink of his multiple business frauds? How about the overwhelming stench of tearing babies from their mothers’ arms at the border and then trafficking them into phony “Christian adoption” services that then vanished, leaving over 1000 grieving families still not knowing the whereabouts of their little girls and boys to this day? Or the stink from the naked campaign lies he blithely told to get votes, promising a new national healthcare system, a revitalization of America’s infrastructure, or his claims that he supported organized labor at the same time his appointees to the Department of Labor were working to block unionization efforts across the nation? Germans still struggle with the stink of a leader who referred to his political opponents as “vermin” and promised he was going to “root them out.” Who attacked the press because they told the truth about him. Who played on and amplified people’s fear of “the other.” You will, too, for generations after Trump himself has shuffled off this mortal coil. Pathetically, you Republican members of Congress have now smeared yourselves with the slime that has surrounded Donald Trump his entire criminal life. Have you noticed how many of your colleagues are fleeing? Do you really think you can ever wash off yourself the reek of your association with treason, an attempt to betray and overthrow America, even worse than what Benedict Arnold tried? Seriously, Republicans, do you not think America can smell what’s going on? America has had a few truly awful presidents. But none stink as bad as this miserable cartoon of a man, with his bizarre orange spray-tan, absurd comb-over, and compensatory phallic-length red ties. America is not going to forget, and many Americans will never forgive. You will never wash the stink of Donald Trump off yourselves or your party. Never.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A really superb summary of a Liar and a Loser. Thanks.

      What I have found in reading comments in MSM is that more and more people, the “normals”, are “getting the message” about donnyboy and his epic fails. That is very good news. The energy around voting in this next election is truly inspiring.

    • A brilliant depiction of the Trump plague still afflicting our nation, Alex. But its cure isn’t available until November ’24, and according to polls and pundits alike, that issue is in doubt. The mere fact that Trump is allowed by the Republican party to be a continuing threat to the democracy he’s already tried to destroy should rally all the forces of liberty and justice to vote against any and all GOP candidates in November.

  5. Trump and Rudy have so.much in common. Both are thrice married. Both cheated on all three wives. Rudy does better: His second wife learned of their pending divorce via his press conference,and he used the NYPD to.chauffeur Wife #3,then his mistress, arounf. Coffupt. Adulterer. Misogynist. No wonder they get along so well.

    One other thing: America’s,Mayor only went without a mask for the press. I there were no reporters around, he used precious respirators that should have gone to first responders.

    Completely despicable waste of oxygen.


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