Get your popcorn and peanuts, right here, ladies and gentlemen, and place your bets on whether Donald Trump will be as good as his word on Monday, when he assured reporters at the White House that he couldn’t be bothered with the Mueller report, in a nutshell. Trump said, “No, I’m not going to be watching, probably, maybe I’ll see a little bit of it. I’m not going to be watching Mueller because you can’t take all those bites out of the apple. We had no collusion, no obstruction.”

Author of “Everything Trump Touches Dies,” Rick Wilson, had an altogether different take on it, which he shared with Nicole Wallace yesterday. RawStory:

“That little nervous moment this morning, where ‘I might watch a little’ — no, Donald Trump will be glued to the screen with an IV drip and a catheter,” Wilson predicted.

“He will not move during this testimony. This guy will not budge. He will watch every millisecond of it. He’s expecting his show Republican allies to do the show trialing thing and screaming and the hair-tearing and the rending of garments because they need to keep the Fox audience distracted,” he explained.

Now, here’s a fun fact for you. Are you sitting down? Wilson says Fox News is not airing the Mueller testimony.

“Which should tell you how scared they are about what could happen. It’s going to be a very interesting and consequential moment, they apparently are not taking them live. Everybody else is taking them live,” he noted. “Live TV, wall-to-wall, things break loose. Things happen. Robert Mueller has things in his pocket.”

Et tu, Rupert? Well, Trump will have to catch the show somewhere. Wilson isn’t the only pundit in town who thinks Trump will be glued to the screen, either. Here’s Chris Cillizza’s analysis. CNN:

So, he won’t be watching. Except maybe he’ll watch a “little bit.”
If you believe that, I have a print newspaper industry you might be interested in purchasing. Nothing but upside!
Consider what we know of this President:
1) He has, long before getting into politics, been a cable TV addict
2) His TV watching habits haven’t diminished in office — as aides have carved out “executive time” designed for Trump watch the tube and tweet about what he sees
3) He has long fixated on Mueller and the broader special counsel probe, dedicated hundreds of tweets over the past two years to discrediting the investigators and their findings.
Cillizza makes a good point: does anybody talk constantly about matters that don’t interest them at all? Nah, didn’t think so.
The Tangerine Traitor protesteth too much, me thinks. Trump will be watching, right along with the rest of us. I wonder whose turn it is to grind valium into his Diet Coke and try to wrestle the phone away from him, so he doesn’t pop a vessel on Twitter? Probably Kellyanne or Ivanka, since Hope and Sarah are gone.
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  1. We’ll see. Saint Robert the Good gave us all a Fitzing with a rusty chain saw. I suspect tomorrow will be a shattering disappointment to those expecting otherwise from this lifetime GOP boy scout.

    • I understand your skepticism and I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, either. I’m counting on Schiff, in particular, to ask the right questions. If Mueller is the man of integrity he’s touted to be, then he’ll answer direct questions — or his aide will. Such is my hope, in any event.

  2. My question: is R. Mueller still working for the DOJ or B.Barr?

    If not, can’t he respond anyway he feels comfortable with? I’m thinking of a couple things, which 7 active investigations did Mueller have going that Barr shut down?

    Couldn’t Mueller provide all those sanitized summaries from Mueller’s crew …
    Also one more thing, were those evidence files released before?

    • He’s not working for either the DOJ or Barr. What he might say or do as a private citizen, I suppose is open to interpretation. But he did say that he would stay within the parameters of his report. And that’may be enough. There’s plenty of damning evidence in that report.


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