Never Trumper Rick Wilson knows that no matter what calamity MAGA adherents visit upon open our great nation, whether it be the Capitol Riots, right wing vigilante violence, pestilence, drought, fire or inability to govern, that the wingnuts will inevitably drag out their favorite whipping boy, the nonexistent but ever convenient Antifa Org. to heap blame upon.

So it will be, in his comic estimation, with the repeated failures yesterday to elect a House Speaker and begin to organize the furnishings-breaking shit show that they will try to sell to America as governance for the next two years.

I have gone on record as believing that McCarthy, though weakened beyond any hope of survival and doomed to further cataclysmic embarrassments, will attain the prize that is destined ultimately to be his complete undoing.

drumpf’s late re-endorsement of the biggest loser last night and Lauren Boebert’s appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” where she whined to the unkempt one that McCarthy had donors calling the insurgents all evening to whip them back into line have done little to change my opinion.

But if Quevin does ultimately fail, which would probably be the best outcome for his mental health if not his political career and will certainly make the Republican Party look like the incompetent clowns they are, MAGA, in typical fashion, will blame anything but themselves…

Definitely a possibility.

Could be.



That would be Tucker’s go to…

Man, so many culprits other than themselves…🙄🙄🙄


Hasn’t worked yet… but…


Another candidate…

Almost forgot him.

You would make a great writer for The NY Times…


Ah, it’s impossible to list all of MAGA’s excuses though I am sure there will be more before the white smoke billows from the Rotunda.

Maybe MTG will miscount on her six toes and Hakeem Jeffries will swoop in for the win.

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  1. My bet remains the same: Kevin doesn’t pull it off today, he’s done. Too many assumptions about THIS incarnation of the GOP being just like the old one flying around. This crowd will only fall in line for two kinds of leaders: perceived strongmen (nonexistent in the House) or a total doormat some other GOP House critter can control Richilieu style (they got Kevin for that but who would be the puppet master here?).

    Talk about donors, “responsible adults” and grand strategies all you want, I say. Better to just face the truth…these are degenerate spawn in the Lovecraftian nightmare sense. Applying the old rubrics is foolish here.

    • I must disagree with your final analysis. The “degenerate spawn” in Lovecraft’s works were capable of making their schemes work. Hell, they were usually able to avoid detection over generations.

      • You’re confusing the Great Old Ones with the descendants I mention. Recall the dead aliens in At The Mountains Of Madness, slain by the blob underclass that survived them. Or the Deep Ones of Innsmouth swept up in the Great Raid. Or, the seriously inbred Martense clan of The Lurking Fear. THAT’S who MAGA has become, dangerous in the short term, powerless in the long.

  2. Wow. I haven’t seen those Ninja dressed Antifa folks in years! Maybe since early in Trump’s Presidency. Have you? Hidden in those outfits complete with faces covered no one knew who they were. OMFG! Do you know what this means? How completely devious they are. They chose an even MORE “sinister” disguise – they dropped the Ninja outfits and walk around looking like regular people. Even dressing up in suits so Republican legislators can’t recognize them! OMFG! They’ve been there all along!

    Seriously though, the GOP wore out that particular boogeyman years ago. Hell, even MAGA goobers don’t really believe there’s an Antifa out there. But it makes for a momentary media distraction to lay that card on the table. It’s a sign of desperation every time the GOP plays that card.


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