Democratic Representatives Jamie Raskin and Dan Goldman have posted a letter to their colleague, Republican Oversight Chairman James Comer, questioning the credibility of his “whistleblower” in the committee’s ginned up investigation of President Biden and his son Hunter, dryly noting that his witness, Gal Luft, is currently under indictment for arms trafficking, violating U.S. Sanctions against Iran and making false statements to… er… “investigators”… though I think the indictment specifies the FBI.

Luft is famously the Comer whistleblower with supposed dirt on the Bidens who ended up missing and/or dead once Comer got wind of his trouble with the FBI and realized how far ahead of his skis he was on this matter.

Among the questions Raskin and Goldman have is how much did Comer know about Luft’s legal problems and when, and was Comer playing Luft or was it the other way ‘round?

NY Post

“Two Democrats on the House Oversight Committee are demanding a review of whether indicted Hunter Biden informant Gal Luft levied damning accusations against the first son to save his own skin.

House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) and Rep. Daniel Goldman (D-NY) wrote a letter to Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) outlining their issues with the 57-year-old Luft, a dual US-Israeli citizen.

“We are concerned that an official committee of the House of Representatives has been manipulated by an apparent con man who, while a fugitive from justice, attempted to fortify his defense by laundering unfounded and potentially false allegations through Congress,” Raskin and Goldman wrote one day after Manhattan federal prosecutors unsealed an eight-count indictment…

…“We urge you to immediately initiate an investigation into whether the Committee may have been unwittingly duped by Mr. Luft in furtherance of the [Chinese Communist Party’s] interests as well as any potentially false statements made by Mr. Luft,” Raskin and Goldman wrote in the letter.”

That would mean false statements made to you, Rep. Comer… we already know the FBI thinks Luft lied to them.

In a typical Republican Party fit of projection-pique Comer responded to the letter by claiming Raskin and Goldman are the dupey faces and not himself.

“In response to the Democrats’ letter, Comer claimed in a statement that Raskin and Goldman had “either been duped by the Bidens or they are intentionally misleading the American people.”

And, without a shred of proof, restated the unproven charges he hoped to bolster with the testimony of the now indicted whistleblower…

“It’s astonishing that Ranking Member Raskin and Rep. Dan Goldman didn’t mention that the Bidens received millions through their shell companies from the same CCP-linked company that paid Gal Luft,” he added.

Muller She Wrote on Twitter has posted a good thread on the letter, with excerpts, for those of you who would rather not click on The Post

Unfortunately, in light of Comers reply, I think this follower of Muller She Wrote is absolutely correct in saying:

For Republicans just baselessly repeating the charges against Biden will serve almost as well as perjured testimony from an unregistered Chinese agent… which is what they had most wanted.

It’s not like the press is going to call them out on their lies or anything…

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  1. State the lie, the more outlandish the better. Keep repeating the lie at every opportunity until it becomes “common knowledge” without any PROOF. “Common knowledge” is nearly impossible to defend against and NEVER requires “proof”.



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