Not sure what the Great Reset is. I can only conjecture that it’s something along the lines of the New World Order. In all events, it is apparently something to be avoided like the plague and in order to do so, you need to do everything from eat fatty meats to take ionic foot baths. There’s no reference here to wearing a tin foil hat or not, so I guess you just have to use your best judgement.

Getting sunlight and walking barefoot is good. I’ll even endorse the Vitamin D. As for the rest? Pass.


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  1. There’s a lot of lies in that thing. Like at least one in every paragraph. Also it’s promoting conspiracy theories, and the viruses love it.

  2. Boycotting Disney (Walt was a strong supporter of the McCarthy tribunals) or Amazon (tax-dodging boss who won’t let his workers have bathroom breaks) isn’t a problem. I don’t drink coke for a simple reason – I don’t like the stuff

  3. “#19: Fly the American flag everywhere. Show Communism is not welcome here.”

    Um, correct me if I’m mistaken, but I could’ve sworn that flying their national flags (pretty much everywhere) was a COMMON practice in Communist countries. And I *know* I’ve seen pictures from the Third Reich where the flag was flown pretty much everywhere (granted, the Reich spent two years being “Commie lovers”–or, more accurately, Stalin lovers as German Communists were mostly in camps from the early 1930s–but it was far less “welcoming” of Communism pretty much the entire rest of its existence).

  4. I can agree with deleting twitter, tik tok and facebook, and vitamin D. The rest is BS. The whole flag thing astounds me. All those vehicles driving around with tattered flags flying from their antennas (antennas!) or on flag poles all night without a light. There are specific rules to handling and flying the flag and these people ignore all of them thinking they’re respecting the flag. What idiots.

  5. I can agree with filtering your water and the sunshine and vitamin D. The first part of some of the sentences is good. [“Get involved in local politics”] and then they wreck it with CT in the rest of the paragraph. And staying off most social media, good idea.


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