It’s much too late, to save myself from falling. Frozen here, on the ladder of my life  Elton John   Don’t let the sun go down on me

It was Yaphet Kotto in the movie The Running Man who told Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don’t let me die in vain, man. I don’t want to be the only *sshole in hell. And every time I see even a snippet of a GOP debate, much less the entire thing, I get the strange feeling that I’m watching a political version of the movie Crash!, where a f*cked up guy and his equally f*cked up girlfriend kept head on crashing into each other to see how much damage they could do without killing themselves and each other.

My question to the RNC is serious. What. Is. The. Point? Why are these quibbledicks running for President, and why are you allowing them to embarrass and humiliate what’s left of the base Republican party? It’s bad enough that Traitor Tot is running the GOP House by remote control, and skidding it towards a GOP fatal government shutdown, but with this primary sham, have you at last no shame?

My question is serious, why are any of them running? It’s not like they’re seriously running for President or anything. After all, His Lowness already had an insurmountable lead before a single one of them even threw their hats in the ring. And their campaigns have shown they’re not even serious about this exercise in futility.

So, what? Chris Christie has another book in the mill he’s trying to pimp? Nikki Haley is bored with the kids in school, and her husband on deployment? Asa Hutchinson is as sick of Arkansas and Hucky Boo-Boo as I would be? Ron DeSantis is terrified to go home to Florida, be tarred and feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail? Tim Scott wants to show that he can be as flippantly racist as anybody else in the GOP? Mike Pence finally realized that he has no marketable job skills in the private sector, and no personality to bullsh*t his way through on?

They’re not serious. FrankenTrump is giving them the greatest political gift a candidate can give. He’s blowing off the debates! A few years ago a GOP candidate refused to show up for a debate. he Democratic challenger put a cardboard cut out of the candidate behind the podium, and spent his 90 minutes making his points. In Arizona, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs refused to debate GOP wingnut Kari Lake. Typical Trombie, Lake had the stage to herself, and promptly violated enough debate rules that the moderator cut her off and shut the debate down.

If these people are actually serious about getting the nomination, they’d be hammering Trump like milk fed veal. Governor Krispy Kreme came the closest to a direct assault when he said that the debate that Trump wasn’t skipping the debates because of polling, or because of his indictments, but because he was afraid to get on stage and defend his record as President. Now that’s what I’m talking about! That’s the kind of accusation that plants seeds of doubt in voters minds. If can be here facing the music, what makes him so special? But nobody else is even trying to do that.

Former Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill summed up the entire candidate hopes and prayers for a debate today. Be likeable. Get your message and agenda across. Hammer the frontrunner. And none of them are doing any of it. Only Mike Pence has tried to propose an agenda. The problem is that the agenda is nothing anybody else wants. He wants a national abortion ban, and a national ban on chemical and surgical trans therapy for minors. Th rest of them are just pissing all over each other like dogs marking their territory.

Sorry guys, but I’m done. I’ve had it. And if you’re as smart as I think you are, so are you. And if they want to send a message to the GOP and the RNC, everybody else should be done with this lame bullsh*t too. Beam me up Scotty, there’s no intelligent life down here. This is like watching a circus starring all of the idjits that flunked out of Clown College. Include me out.

I thank you for the privilege of your time

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