I hope you were sitting down when you read that headline. It is jarring not to mention mind numbingly stupid. Ron Watkins, thought by many to be “Q” or perhaps half of Q, his father and fellow Philippines pornographer Jim Watkins being the other half, is running for office in Arizona and he had this to share.

This guy could get kicked off the short bus.

He’s unreal but you don’t see me falling down and laughing, “Ha ha, he thinks he can be elected to Congress,” not with what we’ve got there already. He’s running in Arizona, a state which already has gifted us with the likes of Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs, so be careful what you laugh at.

And you know the Gaetz, Boebert, Greene, Cawthorn consortium will welcome him with open arms. He makes them look good, actually. Is there such a thing as “anti-charisma?” Or do you just call that creepiness? Because he’s creepier than Paul Gosar and that is saying something. And in all fairness to Gosar, he has something wrong with him, perhaps undiagnosed. That man is not well.

I believe this took place tonight in Las Vegas at the QAnon convention where the Cowboys For Trump founder turned on Trumpty Dumpty earlier today. The backdrop is the same. So if it sounds like there were 12 people in the audience, there probably were. A couple of hundred showed up for the entire shebang, according to one of the local papers, which ends tonight.


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