This is just too bizarro world to be real, but it is. There are people out there who believe all this. They may look like us and sound like us, and live in dwellings like us and drive cars and eat the same food, but friends, these people are notttt like us. Not by a long shot.

As you know, at this time of year many of us make resolutions. We intend to start or stop certain behaviors so that the following year will be very different.

That extends to QAnon. The woman you’re about to see has decided that her New Year’s resolution is to hit Q in the head and tell everybody else to get phuqued.

Six years is a while, yep.


This woman may not be acknowledged by QAnon because she’s too weird for them. I researched the terms “orbs” and “ET transmissions” with respect to QAnon lore, and I’m drawing a blank so far. The angry woman in the video may be on her own with this aspect of QAnon. She may have to found her own conspiracy theory.

I gather that she’s raving about some kind of a promotion or acknowledgement of some sort that QAnon hasn’t yet given her, the “QPlus 730.” What about asking JFK, Jr. for a hand? He could pull some strings.

Now watch the film again. You will see things flitting about, like flies or moths. Maybe THOSE are the orbs? Ya spose? I had fruit flies in my place several months ago. Maybe they were really orbs and trying to put me in touch with the ETs. Silly me, I got rid of them. I could be spending New Year’s on Alpha Centauri if I had only known.

I have known people who were devotees of everything from Werner Erhard to the Maharishi Yogi to Scientology. I guess there is some drive that makes people embrace the expensive or the exotic or the downright stupid when can’t find meaning in some of life’s more normal pursuits. I have no idea, but that’s my best guess. I don’t know how anybody gets this lost, but I have known conspiracy theorists. What makes this woman different is that most conspiracy theorists keep their views quiet so that they can work and fit in, for their own survival. This gal doesn’t seem to care.

Maybe she’s retired. One option of retirement is to go crazy, I suppose.


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  1. The other option is to read your articles. Ha.
    ” you don’t need a weathervane to know which way the wind blows” Bob Dylan
    Unfortunately some will follow a moron who stares at the sun during an eclipse.

    • This woman must have the “luxury” of being able to be out in the open like this with her conspiracy theories. I have a friend whose husband is a conspiracy theorist, but he keeps it under wraps because he doesn’t want to make waves at work. That’s a pretty common stance for those people to take. But this lady is grey and so maybe she’s at a point in life where she can just sit home and rave, on camera or off, and it’s not going to affect the rest of her life.

  2. I have a friend who’s been into essential oils and herbal supplements for years. I can’t say that they hurt, but they don’t do much of anything for me. (She also got suckered into at least one MLM scam, before figuring out that she has zero sales genes.)

    • That’s more comprehensible to me. I had two friends who swore by fish oils and God knows what other supplements. I never reacted to those compounds the way they said they did, so maybe there’s just a variation in peoples’ collective experience.

      This embrace of secret plots and Atlantis and orbs and ET transmissions is in a whole other different realm. It’s embracing unreality. But then again, look at the millions who voted for Trump. This is a common mindset, it appears.

  3. What leapt out at me was the archons taking over after the sinking of Atlantis.

    It’s not impossible that there was a city, or cities, which were destroyed by flooding from the volcanic eruption which created Santorini. But “archon” was just a title – like city councilman -granted that with the city-state government at the time they acquitred a fair amount of power – but they weren’t supernatural (unless you’re a Gnostic – maybe we need to search for “orbs” in connection with Gnosticism?)

    • I’m confused about the geography here. What volcanic eruption created Santorini? Because I thought Atlantis was supposed to be off the coast of Florida. That’s not true? It’s in the Mediterranean somewhere?

      • Or, if you’re looking for large lands that have disappeared under the sea since the Bronze Age, check out the history of Doggerland. This was a piece of land that connected Britain with Europe at the last ice age and disappeared with rising sea levels of the melt.

      • according to Plato, Atlantis was outside the Pillars of Hercules [Strait of Gibraltar]
        There are in fact seamounts in that vicinity that would have been islands in the last Ice Age when sea level was 350 feet lower. So it may be that his lost civilization succumbed to sea level rise, with or without seismic events. [He cites earthquakes and overwhelming waves as bringing about their downfall] There is no shortage of active faults in the Mediterranean region.

    • Archon is also used by some as a supernatural title for a planetary spirit. CS Lewis refers to “our own Dark Archon” meaning Lucifer.

  4. As someone who absolutely embraces the exotic on a personal level, I can tell you that this woman is a cautionary tale for me, one I’ve seen way too many times in the circles I swim. What I have embraced works for me but the Universe is a vast beast and humans have never been “one size fits all” in terms of any one model figuring it all out. The warning signs are always the same for this kind of thinking: unmoored from hard realities, ego inflation that does little to enlighten and a need to proselytize to cover for the “secret doubt” John Le Carre noted all fanatics carrying. It speaks of a blighted inner life, one that eventually is echoed in the outer one as well.

  5. We are all searching for truth since none of us know what ‘this’ is all about, and some get really sidetracked into ‘super weird’. I have fleetingly considered some of the cults in existence & spurned all of them as no more ‘enlightened’ than i am. Unfortunately the posers among us recognize there is power & cash to be made from getting other humans tied up into a particular concept, so this will always be happening !


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