Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs, went the old quip back in the 60’s. The person that you are about to hear can’t handle reality, definitely, and it’s debatable whether psychiatric drugs would help somebody like this. This clip runs a bit over seven minutes, but it is worth every second. For each guy like this, there are thousands of QAnon crazies who eat this up with a spoon.

Here it all is in one package, Biden the hologram or perhaps being performed by an actor, take you pick, JFK Jr. coming back either from exile or from the dead, again take your pick, to serve as Trump’s vice president. It goes on and on.

What I’ve always wondered is where do these people live and work, and does everybody around them know that they live in this kind of a bubble, or do they just keep it a deep dark secret?

And don’t forget Mark Twain: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.”

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  1. That Mark Twain quote is true. I really never looked at it quite that way but it is the truth. And this Q guy is gone. The crowds gone. Elvis has left the building. Just plain nuts. And the sad part is there are more out ther like him and some even worse.


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