Vladimir Putin is a moron. And he’s proving it every goddamn day. The entire reason of fighting a land war is to come away with more land. But see, the thing is, the land still has to have some value to it! And that is a calculation Putin has never had to make in his entire misbegotten life. Because that isn’t how this particular dog howls.

As I wrote previously, Putin went into the neighboring republic of Chechnya. He didn’t want to actually annex Chechnya, he simply wanted to kowtow the government into subservience. And so he shelled the shit out of the population and terrorized them and the government with his might.

Putin went aggressively into the republic of Georgia as well. Once again he didn’t want to actually annex Georgia, he simply wanted a more compliant government. And again, Putin resorted to massive air and artillery attacks to terrorize the population without putting his special snowflake troops at risk.

Then Putin answered the call of international douchebag coward Bashir a Assad in Syria. Once again, Putin didn’t want Syria, he already had a friendly government. Putin wanted to protect his naval base assets in the area against the opposing civil war forces. Putin was more brutal this time. He stooped to the depths of using banned chemical weapons and armaments such as barrel bombs on largely civilian populations, especially in Aleppo. What did Putin care, they weren’t Russians, and his bases were safe.

But when Putin went into Crimea, he had to switch gears. For the simple reason that he actually wanted to annex Crimea, so he couldn’t scorch the shit out of it. Instead he used Russian friendly Crimean separatists, and sent in Russian special forces, in direct violation of Geneva Convention law, with no national flags of insignias on their uniforms. And ever since, Putin has waged a guerilla war on the border, trying to push it forward.

But Putin fucked up in Ukraine. He started believing his own press clippings. He thought his tinpot army was invincible. And so he blew into Ukraine with the Blitzkrieg plan, overwhelm Ukrainian resistance in the first 14 days, overwhelm Kyiv, replace the existing government with a pro Putin puppet, and get to work to pacify the population.

But it all came a-cropper. In the military, as with so many other facets of life, you’re ruled by the old adage, You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Hitler can well tell you that your first 30 days are your best 20 days. Hitler overran Poland in 14 days, and overran the low countries and most of France in 20 days. You take your momentum and move forward to your ultimate goal.

We are at day 28 of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and Putin has jack shit to show for it. He has taken control of no major Ukrainian cities, and the Ukrainians are making counter attacks that are pussing Russian forces back from the positions they already hold. Which has led Putin to make a fools gold mistake from which there is no victorious outcome.

And in his frustration, Putin has fallen back to the old strategy from Chechnya, Georgia, and Aleppo, and started the widespread, indiscriminate shelling of Ukrainian major populations centers, in an effort to terrify them and force the Zelensky to capitulate. Which is the single last thing that Putin wants to do right now!

Because ultimately, Putin actually wants to annex the Ukraine! Ukraine is the keystone for his delusional dream of rebuilding the glory state of the former Soviet Union. But what good does it dop him to annex a country bombed to shit, and filled with people ready to resist the Russians into perpetuity? Especially since the majority of his own people liked Ukraine just fine the way it is.

Putin’s previous KGB supervisors were right along. Putin is totally unsuitable for a senior management role. Because he is obsessive, narcissistic, impulsive, and unable to put national goals above her personal goals. And now Putin is tasked, even if he’s successful, with convincing the Russian people that annexing a bombed out hulk full of people who hate Russia. With more than 20,000 Russian body bags to show for it. Stand up and take a bow, fool.


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  1. What scares me, is how much more horrible will he get out of desperation? I don’t really want to know the answer to that question.

    • The answer to that question is horrific but uninteresting. Whatever we can imagine is likely close to the truth. Here’s a more relevant question: how will what he wants to do be limited by the dwindling supplies, armaments and manpower he has to work with? And that’s before you get into the pre-war graft and sabotage that crippled his army.

  2. The further Putin sinks into his Ukrainian morass, the more I’m fascinated by the parallels between his Ukrainian War and our Vietnam War. It’s almost eerie: with a few changes of place names and dates, you could be writing about Richard Nixon instead of Vladimir Putin…

    • But ALSO on a much tighter timeline in Ukraine. Keep in mind that Putin has allegedly lost more troops in a month than the Soviets did in 10 years in Afghanistan, for instance.

  3. As the Roman Imperator said of Masada, Putin has not conquered a people, he has conquered a rock. And even the rock is slowly slipping through his fingers.

  4. Along with those insights, it’s clear that he can’t even control the information. In the 40s it was easier to lock down the propaganda & hide things from the German people, like the fact their leader wasn’t the strongman he portrayed, but was a drug addict. Now, no matter what he tries to do, the Russian people will find out many things he doesn’t want them to.

  5. “As I wrote previously, Putin went into the neighboring republic of Chechnya. He didn’t want to actually annex Chechnya, he simply wanted to kowtow the government into subservience.”

    Actually, Chechnya was already a part of Russia at the time. Putin’s operation was, in his terms, an “anti-terrorist operation” and defined SOLELY as “counter-terrorism.” (The whole history of Chechnya before Putin was in charge of Russia is a mess and has only gotten worse. The “First Chechen War” took place while Yeltsin was still President of Russia and had been prompted by a Chechen attempt to become an independent nation in the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the Russian Army took action to bring back Chechnya under firm Russian control. After the 2002 terrorist incident in a Moscow theater, Putin installed a pro-Russian government in Chechnya with a new Chechen constitution granting limited autonomy which was stripped after the Beslan school incident. The current head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, is a pro-Russian and former Chechen separatist who’s gotten wealthy from his post.)

    “Putin went aggressively into the republic of Georgia as well. Once again he didn’t want to actually annex Georgia, he simply wanted a more compliant government. And again, Putin resorted to massive air and artillery attacks to terrorize the population without putting his special snowflake troops at risk.”

    Well, if a “more compliant government” was Putin’s objective, he failed miserably. The decidedly anti-Putin leader, Mikheil Saakashvili, imposed a series of restrictions against the separatist governments of Abkhazia and South Ossetia after Putin’s actions against Georgia. And in the years since, no leader of Georgia has accepted Moscow’s actions as valid and there will definitely be some delicate negotiations between Georgia and Russia if Georgia does become a NATO member. Russia has indicated, while it’s not happy with Georgia’s application to join NATO, that it will accept the decision *IF* Georgia gives up all claim to Abkhazia and South Ossetia which Georgia has refused to do over the past quarter century.

  6. This article is hilarious. Propaganda as farce. The writer claims to know Putin’s mind. Claiming to predict Russia loosing the war when all indications are that Russia is wiping the floor with the Azov Nazis. No air power, no artillery, no fuel. They’re a spent force. Finished.
    And they’re Nazis which even the BBC admitted in 2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SBo0akeDMY
    So now the Democrats have bought into the war mongering they once rejected when Bush was doing it. Crying over Ukie babies, ignoring the starvation Biden is causing in Afghanistan, Not racist much /s. BTW, web search Fallujah and see what the US did to a country that never attacked them but sure does have plenty of oil. They didn’t mind when their war criminal Queen Hillary and Joe Biden turned the richest African state (Libya) into a slave state, bombing it to oblivion. Democrats are morally depraved monsters hiding behind “social equality.” Now even a Black president can be a war criminal along with a woman. My what progress we’ve made. Equal opportunity for murderers.
    Putin has the fash bottled up and he will grind them into paste. He’s a whole lot smarter and cares more about his country than the crooks in the US who’s ambition and greed are boundless. They don’t hesitate to use their ignorant base as tools for their profit.
    We see Democrats falling over themselves to embrace fascists. Throwing kisses at the Azovs. They don’t mind fash when it’s their leaders doing it.Blind to the face that it’s a war for the US FIRE sector.
    I could say a lot more but I’d be wasting my time. Just when I thought nobody could be dumber than Trump followers, Democrats made me think again.
    Come back in 6 months and tell me how Russia is failing.

    • It’s always nice to have confirmation of reports of your preferred side’s demise be grossly exaggerated, Silly Wabbit. Hope the rubles you got paid get at least ONE gallon of gasoline.

      • I can afford to pay whatever gas cost in rubles, dollars or gold.
        Funny that Putin doesn’t return my calls.
        Isn’t it the way of Democrats to accuse others who dispute their stories of being paid by Russia? Reminds me of Trumpster accusing others of being commies. Now it’s Dems. How the worms turn.
        The truth hurts, does it not.

        • But lies kill…and whatever dreams you got are going to die a miserable death behind all the ones you’re swallowing. Sic transit gloria mundi…if by “glory”, I meant “obsolescent pride”.


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