I don’t know what is more laughable about this Newsweek article, the fact that Proud Boy Joe Biggs thought that he would find a decent meal in an American prison, or that he thinks that the Gropinfuhrer will pardon him for his crimes – in the eventuality that he avoids jail time himself.

Uh, Mr. Biggs, you have a better chance of being served a perfectly cooked medium rare Filet Mignon tonight in lockup than ever receiving a pardon from the Orangeutan. And, given the fact that you told your tale of woe to Alex Jones, you will have to position your proud self behind him in the ever growing line of people who will need to be pardoned in a second Trump term… which ain’t gonna happen.

Better get used to baloney sandwiches and stale chips…

“Proud Boys leader Joseph Biggs has said he believes “with all my heart” that Donald Trump will pardon him in an online interview in which he also complained about the food in prison…

While speaking on the Alex Jones Show from jail via Skype, Biggs explained he held out hope the former president would pardon him if he won the 2024 presidential election.

He said: “They want to send a message to Americans that if you go to these events, if you are part of a political group, they’re going to throw you in prison for a long time. They want you scared.

“They don’t want you to go out and vote, they want people scared before it’s time to vote and that’s why all this heat’s happening right now. You know, this is ridiculous. We went there that day with no plan, with nothing. We were there like every other American but it’s because we’re a political group.”

He later added: “The food (in prison) is horrible. You can’t eat the food here. It is not edible in any kind of way.”

When asked by Jones whether he expected Trump to pardon him, Biggs said: “Oh, I know he’ll pardon. I believe that with all my heart.”

Uh, nobody threw you in the big house because you “belong to a political group”, Joe, the message the courts are sending is that if your political group loses an election they are not entitled to riot in D.C., storm the Capitol Building and beat cops to death in response.

You have no one to blame for your lousy diet but yourself.

Ron Filipkowski posted about this on Twitter/X for his follower’s Schadenfreude…


Now we know who will clip drumpf’s toenails.


Ain’t enough Greyhounds in all of America…


Sure do.


Folks like Joe Biggs have been swallowing Trump’s lies for so long they can convince themselves of anything.

Lucky Joe has twenty years to sort these matters out.

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  1. He’ll be served ‘gin spits and kerosene’ aperitifs with ‘hot tongue and cold shoulder’ sandwiches, if he’s lucky. Otherwise eat shite, buster.

  2. Follows the mango moron’s orders, gets sent to prison. Doesn’t get dick from trump not even a “hang in there fella”. Still expects a pardon from trump. Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid but you damned sure can’t fix criminally stupid.

  3. Mr. Biggs…it may be a technicality, but in order to know something in your heart, you must first HAVE ONE! You, sir, do not qualify.

    • The original article said he used Skype. To do so, or just use a cell phone, he would need contraband equipment. It’s possible – but it he gets caught using it the food may get worse.

      BTW, the food in prison differs dramatically depending on what state the prison is in (or whether it’s Federal.)I assume his is Federal, which would at least not be serving toxic food like many state prisons especially in red states. I’m in Colorado, and the food is the same in every prison (not the jails, which are operated by counties) You can look it up on the DOC website – there’s a four week rotating menu which repeats. There are some constants (cheese pizza every Friday evening) but also a lot of variety I gather the portions are small. But any inmate with money in his/her account, or a friend who is willing to send him/her stuff through a contract provider, can supplement it. The stuff from the contract provider includes a lot of junk but it’s brand name junk. He definitely should not expect to gain weight, of course.

      But not all state prison systems are created equal. Yes, I’ve heard of prisons where inmates have been poisoned by spoiled food. And yes, that’s a scandal. But it doesn’t happen everywhere.

  4. North, the Federal lockups are summer camps compared to state and county lockups. On the other side of the coin…a federal sentence runs about 85% of the sentence. Not so with a state sentence. He’ll be there a while. Maybe some fellow citizens will take offense to his racist/fascist crap and provide some ‘feedback’. Stripped of his gear, his insignia, his buddies and his weapons…he’s sure to find out a few things about himself. That is a guarantee.


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