What a shame Donald Trump wasn’t born with any talent. If he could actually sing, dance, act, he might have become a legitimate performer of some sort and not created the freak show which is his life and our nation’s curse.

You may recall reading that Trump wanted to become a film producer, but his father wouldn’t let him and made him go into real estate. That was a mistake. If he went to Hollywood and wore riding boots and a beret and imagined himself Cecil B. DeMille, we might have all been much better off.

Oh, well, we can always play “what if?” Here is what is.

There’s one vote for meds. And there are those who think he’s drunk.

You’re getting the flavor for how his routine is received.

I have a different idea. I don’t think he’s loaded or there’s any issue with meds, and I don’t know about the dementia. I think this is deliberate. He loves to “impress” the rubes, which is to be the opposite of the “woke liberals.” That translates as “the less dignity and more shock value, the better.”

He loves to use profanity at the rallies, as you’ve noticed.

Frankly, I think the day is going to come when he unzips his pants and pisses on the stage. I really do. It will be a test of the rubes, do they still love him? And of course they will.

Mark my words. It’s the only thing Trump hasn’t done. It’s coming.


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  1. “Frankly, I think the day is going to come when he unzips his pants and pisses on the stage. I really do. It will be a test of the rubes, do they still love him? And of course they will.”

    There was an episode of “Married with Children” where Bud and Kelly were trying to get tickets to a show for a (fictional) group called Burned Beyond Recognition. Al asks them what the appeal is and Bud almost gleefully responds “the lead singer’s been known to vomit and urinate on the audience.” I wonder if Trump’s audience would appreciate it if he did the same thing? I’m almost guessing they would.

  2. His kids need to intervene and get him into a safe-living situation. It isn’t like they can’t afford 24/7 care for him.

    • Which one? His eldest is as fucked up as he is. Princess is a selfish twat and Eric is an idiot. I would hope Tiffany would run in the opposite direction–hard to say tho’.

  3. I find it amazing how many believe the media lies. First Trump DOESENT DRINK EVER! Secondly he likes to entertain and enjoys being silly sometimes! But yet you choose to ignore the lies gaffs and outright ignorance and corruption of the Biden administration.

    • He doesn’t drink in public, or obviously. But he isn’t sober, either. We know he uses drugs – OTC drugs are still drugs. We know he lies ALL THE TIME.
      Now, how do *you* not know all this, since it’s been obvious for at least four years?

  4. Sadly ppl worship him . They left God for this?? Come on ppl! Common. Its like it was stolen in 2016?
    He needs help. Why would his kids allow this?

  5. 1. If he’d become a film director, he’d be another Harvey Weinstein.

    2. He’s doing what I do when I hear Sam and Dave. I can’t stand the guy, but I have a hard time faulting him for boogying to that music, even though he’s boogying like an old white guy.

    3. Has he lost weight?

    • Yep, just an elderly white guy trying to look young, “hip” rhythmical and coordinated. Failure on all four counts, Disco Donnie


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