Pence Using Speech and Debate Clause To Weasel Out Of Smith Subpoena


This was anticipated. Mike Pence was expected to offer some kind of defense to having to comply with the subpoena which Jack Smith issued last week. Washington Post:

Pence’s team is expected to argue that his role as president of the Senate during his time in office means that under the Constitution’s “speech or debate clause,” he does not have to testify, said the person familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to reveal internal deliberations. Pence’s team had been in negotiations with Smith for potentially limited cooperation before being served last week with the subpoena, which Pence’s side is said to have viewed as a surprise.

Pence also did not testify before the House select committee that investigated the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol, even though he has written a book and publicly discussed his experiences related to that day. Many of his close advisers during his vice presidency, including his chief of staff and chief counsel, have relayed their experiences to the Justice Department.

Pence’s legal team is said to believe that this matter will take many months in court to resolve. Good. The closer that brings Mike Pence to declaring that he’s going to run for POTUS, the better. People can see that he’s a snake equal to Trump in trying to gum up the investigation of January 6 rather than coming clean about it.

It’s a shame Pence chose this route. He could come clean and been a hero. On the other hand, he could have done the same thing in his book, and didn’t do so there either. As usual, the less you expect from Pence, the less you’ll be disappointed.

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  1. Qtip shows his true color once again…yellow! So much for all the revisionist history trying to make him out to be honorable. Fuck that nazi punk!

  2. I never cease to be amazed by the Presidential delusions that grip some people. There are always dumbasses that run thinking they have a chance and everyone but them knows it’s a fool’s errand. But they never had a chance in part because they never had anywhere near the experience and credentials for the job. One can credibly argue in his political career Pence was a conservative freak asshat far out of the mainstream who’s own home state was glad to be rid of him when he joined Trump on the 2016 GOP ticket. But objectively he has in fact held elective office than when one doesn’t look at his actual politics would suggest he’s a credible candidate. But he doesn’t have a chance. He never has. And EVERYONE but he and perhaps “Mother” know it & frankly I’m not at all sure she thinks he has a chance or wants him to run. But she’s a “Christian” RWNJ wife and perhaps feels it’s her “Christian” duty to STFU and support her man – no matter how stupidly he acts.

    Pence’s level of delusion is staggering. MAGAs will NEVER accept him – and would/will write in Trump’s name on the ballot before voting for him. And so would a fair number of other Republicans, at least in the primaries. To Independents he’s a joke. Spineless and forever tainted by not only his having been Trump’s VP, but still trying to protect Trump even AFTER Trump literally sicced a riotous mob on him that literally had murder of him and his family as well on their minds as they rampaged through the Capitol! But he somehow thinks he can win over Trump’s MAGAts. There are delusions, and then there’s this Pence nonsense that takes delusional thinking to a whole new level!

    • There’s got to be something in the water that blinds these clowns to the truth of the matter: it ain’t gonna happen. Besides Pants there’s Chris Christie (no way no how), Nicki Haley (hail no), Mike Pompass, even Desatan, despite his current popularity. None of them have what it takes, but they all have delusions of grandeur, of being more popular than they are. You have to wonder where that comes from, just ego? Some Wormtongue aide whispering lies in their ear? Pitiful to be so delusional.

      • The problem is that one or other of them might become the Repub choice, and then if enough in-the-middle folks decide they will ‘go Repub’ next time because they think Biden is a no-go, then Repub could win simply because people are doing their better-this-than-that decision. Most people simply don’t seem to know enough about what the Democrats have been doing or realize Biden is a bit strange in his speech sometimes & has a bald patch & getting too old for the game – it’s all very dodgy – all the Repubs have to do is make enough stink about something on the Dem side, and they could win ! It never seems to be about principles, more about some hysterical point that has been drummed up, and because nobody really sees much change between each president in their personal lives, a lot of them are not voting about principles – milk & eggs are sky high so don’t tell me you made things better !

  3. Hmm. Pence is claiming “immunity” due to a clause relating to his function as Senate President and yet he’s written a book and publicly discussed the issue.

    Not seeing any reputable judge falling for this dog-and-pony show.

    I’d think that Pence would be required to answer questions based on what HE already put out to the universe. Like, “Mr Pence, when you wrote (summation of whatever nonsense he wrote) on page 228 [followed by the passage/s verbatim], was this an accurate assessment of the event/s?”

  4. From the pinched-nose wag of his head to the
    pitiful posturing of his body, he tries but fails to exhibit everything he
    isn’t: a man of the truth.
    He disregards the first principle of applied logic every
    time he utters a word, and not without malice aforethought:
    False premise, false conclusion.


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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has. — Margaret Mead

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it's the only thing that ever has.

— Margaret Mead