On Sunday Before Xmas Secy Of Treasury Is Calling Nation’s Top Bankers To Ask If They Have $ To Lend


Remember Mad Magazine’s iconic line, “What, me worry?” That’s the thought you might want to adopt today, because who knows what we’re going to be talking about when the market closes tomorrow. And you might consider getting your money out and stuffing it in the mattress, or what about those quarters in the mayonnaise jar under the porch? It’s two days before Christmas, and plutocrat movie producer and Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin announced from his plush Cabo San Lucas holiday retreat that he’s been on the phone with the nation’s top bankers to talk about ample liquidity during this this market meltdown. What market meltdown? Precisely.

This is not normal for the Secretary of the Treasury to tell people that the banks have enough money to open on Monday, just by the by.

It hasn’t exactly been a confidence inspiring week, what with Trump appointing a guy with no military experience to run the Pentagon, but this is very disturbing, indeed. I thought Trump firing Powell was going to be the next major stupidity. What the hell is this? The run up to Black Monday?

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