The Funday Furkids are very excited about the Olympic Games — 16 days of playing games is definitely something they approve of! They’d advocate for having them more often except for how tiring it all is. There’s so much going on in those 16 days, there’s barely enough time for a quick snooze let alone rest, recuperation, naps and sleep! So a gap of 4-5 years seems about right to them — just enough time to catch up on missed naps and such, and building up energy for the next Games.

Of course the furkids, featherkind and finkind have their own version of the Olympics (which is remarkably similar to the hoomin version) and they’re delighted with the opportunity to tell you all about it and show off their album of photos.

We hope you’re sitting comfortably because this is a longer one than usual — there’s a lot going on!


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  1. OH LA! TY Michelle we all needed that! Sharing all over .. the world! They will all enliven all Olympic reports.. from staid dry sports reports.

  2. {{{Michelle}}} – Critter Olympics is a lot more fun than the hoomin variety. And you do so much better a job of “reporting” them than the hoomin journalists. Thank you. Skritches to Ms. Loula. & moar {{{HUGS}}} to you.

  3. Thanks for all the photos. Except the chickens. Oh how far you have fallen, Dinosaurs, so very far. Lol.

    These reminded me of a dog I had in my 20’s in San Diego. He was a Manchester terrier, which is basically a 15 lb Doberman. He had so much energy we ran him 2+ miles per day.

    San Diego has this amazing dog beach at Coronado, literally a few hundred yards from the Hotel Del Coronado (Some Like It Hot). We used to take him there most weekends, and we’d sometimes go surfing while he ran around with all the unleashed dogs. Eventually he figured out when we went out on our boards and threw a fit if he saw us go out. So one day we took him out with us, and he loved it. So we got him a boogie board, and he’d sit on it while we took turns catching a wave. He felt quite macho sitting on his board, lol.

  4. Critter Olympics are so much fun, especially since they are sometimes a bit less formal than the human Olympics. You did an amazing job of reporting on the critter Olympics and including so much history of the games, Mopsy. It’s hard to pick favorites, but I especially loved the water sports (water polo, swimming, and surfing) and the skateboarding. You’ve managed to get me more interested in the human Olympics too!


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