Oh, NO! “The Mooch” is on the loose!


Ya know, I really miss Anthony Scaramucci sometimes. Especially when you contrast his flamboyant, over the top enthusiasm for Trump to the serious, almost spiteful Josef Goebbels like pronouncements of Blarah Flackabee Slanders. Who doesn’t occasionally pine for a rich, pompous idiot lovingly describing an overweight, septuagenarian oaf swishing foul line jumpers, or tossing spirals through a tire, when the alternative is a whiny, petulant, “I come out here every, single day, and strive to give you the best information I possess at the time.”?

‘The Mooch” is a real piece of work, and a breath of fresh air, simply because he takes the novel approach of tossing in a touch of common sense to make you think he’s almost reasonable, before he smoothly transitions into the standard White House approved bullshit. But, at least we got a nostalgic blast from the past from Scaramucci Monday night on Comedy Central.

Scaramucci appeared as a guest on “The Opposition”, and it was Scaramucci at his finest. As reported in The Daily Beast, when almost immediately pressed on his response to the stupid and hurtful joke by WH staffer Kelly Sadler about John McCain, The Mooch was all sweetness and light;

“That’s rough. I mean, obviously that’s an inappropriate thing to say,” said Mooch. “I have no idea why she’s not apologizing in public, but it would be a good idea for her to do that.”

See, this is exactly why The Mooch will never get a second chance at speaking officially for the White House again. In Trumpmenistan, it is a crime punishable by death to ever even hint at the possibility of any error, regardless of how small, having been committed by the administration. What Der Gropinfuror fails to realize however, is that even a proctologist knows that you occasionally need a squirt of K-Y before ramming your fingers up somebody’s ass, which Scaramucci immediately did after his original statement;

“The White House has got a bunch of leakers in there,” Mooch continued. “This was a hit job on Kelly Sadler… Hopefully they won’t fire Kelly. She’s great at her job, she’s been great to the president, and she’s not a leaker, by the way.”

Notice the almost effortlessly exquisite pivot there from sweet rationality, to patently insane bullshit. Forget for a moment that Kelly Sadler apparently has the sense of humor of a death camp guard, suddenly, it’s she who is the “victim” here! The whole thing was a setup, a vile “hit job” on Kelly Sadler. There’s only one small problem with this contention. Who the hell is Kelly Sadler? Be honest, until she decided to pull her “Angel of Death” stunt, had you ever even heard her name before? Why “set up” a nobody like Sadler, when there’s A-List talent like Trump, Sanders, Kelly, and Michael Cohen to tee off on? Sadler got outed for being an unfeeling asshole, end of story.

People in the media are constantly warning of the “normalization” of Trump’s behavior and words, and it is a serious concern, the dreaded “Trump fatigue.” But they’re missing the sneakier, more insidious aspect of the normalization process. Trump’s obnoxious behavior is easy to catch, it’s like a fart in an elevator, and nobody ever really gets used to the stink. But the “normalization” comes when people like Sarah Sanders, Anthony Scaramucci, and KellyAnne Conway stand there, like a parent looking at a crayon scribbled living room wall, and say, “Yeah, the kid is a brat, and I’m gonna have to repaint the wall, but dammit! That one on the left almost looks like a daisy, doesn’t it?” That’s how you rationalize bad behavior, not by accepting the behavior itself, but by starting to accept the explanation for the behavior, especially when the explanation makes no sense. And that is what the media should be calling out. Don’t tear down Trump’s words and actions, let them rot there in the sunlight, tear down the bullshit excuses instead.

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