Get out! Get out! The calls are coming from inside the house!   Horror movie line

If this ends up going down the way I think it will, when the blame for the GOP 2022 debacle is laid, it won’t fall at the feet of traitor tot. Oh no, it will get dumped over the head of that spineless shill Ronna Romney McDaniel. She’s the one who proudly led the responsible political discourse censure vote.

Welcome to day 3 of responsible political discourse. Having fun yet? Yeah, me too. Especially the part with Marco Rubio trying like hell to look like they think they get the top ingredient for that memory improvement pill from a jellyfish. Normally, if you’re in politics, and you can survive Sunday and Monday, you’re fine. It fades.

But not this time. Remember I wrote a couple of days ago that despite the hype, most people get their daily news intake from local sources? What drives pundits insane in DC and New York doesn’t always filter down to the local level, especially if it’s short lived. But not this time. And not this one. Because this one is so outrageous that it’s gone as viral as a tweet of a gamboling puppy.

Now, guys like McConnell, and McCarthy, and Graham are adroit at dodging the media, they’re in the spotlight enough to become experts at dodging reporters. But if you’re some lowly congresscritter in a swing district in Topeka, or Atlanta, it’s probably not in your ouvre, nobody recognizes you to start with. But they’re going to have to learn.

Because sooner or later, they’re going to have to go home to their districts. And this story is so toxic that it has easily bled down to the local level, hell, it’s likely been a top 3 story ever since it broke. And while DC journalists and pundits may not know these second and third tier players, the local political reporters at home sure as hell do. And they’re going to hunt them down like murder suspects. And put them on the spot for their readers and viewers.

This story is going to have better legs than Usain Bolt, because it’s so insane on its face, and can be so easily tied into almost anything involving the J6 insurrection. And it looks like I nailed it a couple of days ago when I described the natural ad value of it. Two different strategists, one GOP and one Democratic said on MSNBC today that not running ads featuring video and the words responsible political discourse in every swing district would be political malpractice.

Almost nobody in the GOP wants to deal with this. Know how you can tell? Because other than a handful of safe GOP Senators slamming the censure and backing Kinzinger and Cheney, nobody is talking about it. GOP Senators are bobbing and weaving like extras in the movie Dodgeball. While GOP House members are skittering around underneath the baseboards. But you know what I haven’t heard in the last three days? One single GOP incumbent, in either chamber, who has gone on camera to either defend or praise the censure. That’s gotta tell you something.

Get used to it, it’s here to stay. Responsible political discourse is here to stay. The media will tie it in to every public J6 hearing, it will come up in every debate, and you’ll be so sick of the constant ads you’ll pine for the good old days of male enhancement commercials. What did I say? Nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. They can duck and dodge all they want but like the movie you referenced a lot them are going to get a painful lesson because Ted Baxter would be able to nail them with a wrench as easily as Patches O’Houlihan in the movie did to his hapless trainees.

    • ” If u can dodge a wrench, u can dodge a ball.” I’m afraid they can’t dodge either. Instead of Wilson from Castaway, liz’s face will be haunting their dreams…& not in a good way. Boink!


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