Whelp, Lara Trump released her cover of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” yesterday and so few people are streaming or downloading on Spotify and Apple Music that it doesn’t readily show up in searches of those sites.

That’s the way it works, the order of the returned search results on those sites like that is tied to the number of downloads or streams requested by users.

If Lara Trump knew what she was doing better than she sings she wouldn’t go whining to The Daily Mail about a paucity of downloads (which is a terrible way to promote something) but take out some ads in the trades or something…

“Lara Trump has accused Apple Music of shadow banning her amid the release of her new song, I Won’t Back Down – and claimed that a Times Square billboard company ‘discriminated’ against her by refusing to put up an ad with the ‘Trump’ name on it.

Lara, 40, the wife of former President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump, dropped a cover of Tom Petty’s 1989 track on Friday – but she has claimed that streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify have ‘buried it way down’ and made it nearly impossible to find due to her family history.

‘Sadly it’s to be expected with our last name. I wish I was surprised, but I’m not,’ she told DailyMail.com exclusively.“

As for the Times Square Billboard goes, my guess is she and hubby didn’t want to pay the freight for it – which I am going to guess is pretty pricey – because they are not serious about promoting this crap, and realize they would never recoup the cost of the ad from sales.

Probably a wise choice:

As I predicted a few days ago when I wrote a piece on the isolated vocal track release earlier in the week, the song does sound better now that capable musicians were hired to prop her up, but even with their efforts her nasally flat and decidedly non-uplifting vocal stylings could not be glossed over just by some competent guitar playing.

Over on Twitter Ron Filipkowski and his followers savaged her effort…


🤣🤣🤣 Same flat, through the sinus vocals whether doing Tom P. or Sir Paul🙄… butat least the dogs were on key🤣🤣🤣 – who told this woman she can sing?



For the love of God, Lara, if you plan to assault out aural cavities with any more of that caterwauling, at least put a couple of years aside and hire a vocal coach.

But then again ya’ll might need that money for lawyers, so how about just doing us all a favor and shut the F up?

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    • half this country dies so suck on that . Guess what ignoramus Lara Has NOT ripped off the Petty song , Google facts ,Anyone after paying a license can Cover ANY SONG WITHOUT PERMISSION. THATS LEGAL FACT . Haters are jealous of this intelligent, multi-talented woman , who has a God given talent with her voice , as well as her own piano playing. For that Ron’s assinine hate Laras talented will be #1 billboard hit for there are 80 million Maga’s who adore her .

  1. Right, Lara. You’re being “shadow banned.”

    Whereas Jason Aldean’s little travesty was #1 on iTunes for the better part of a week and even the atrocious “Let’s Go Brandon” got multiple versions that, at one point, had 4 different versions in the iTunes Top 10.

    • When I listened to Rich Men North of Richmond I thought it could just as easily be about Republican business people/leaders as any Democratic leaders or rich donors. MAGAs of course ASSUMED it was aimed at Democrats but Aldean when asked actually articulated my own view was closer to what he wanted to convey with the song. That it was not a criticism of Democrats and Democratic policies. It’s not the first time conservatives have missed the mark. I have a guy I was friends with in high school I reconnected with after moving to NC. We were making plans for me to head down to Fayetteville (where he owns a business – he’s done well for himself but he was always industrious and hard working) until politics came up. He’s a Trump guy hard-core and realized I’m even more liberal than I was back when we were young. So we’ve never gotten together.

      I seldom access my FB feed but back when I still did he had a “holy cow” moment of Sounds of Silence by Simon & Garfunkle where he completely missed the freaking point. HE thinks it’s a conservative anthem! Didn’t take to kindly to my correcting him. At least the back & forth didn’t get nasty. Something similar happened (not just with him – it’s come up over the years with others) regarding Johnny Cash’s Man In Black and again conservatives completely miss what Cash was talking about. Like Aldean Cash tried to explain in interviews that he wasn’t going after Democrats/liberals with that song and in fact it was critical more of conservatives who use their money and power to gain more and keep working people down.

      • You’re right Dennis – much misinterpretation by the right trying fit their narrative. And I have not yet listened to the Lara Trump travesty (might not have the stomach for it) but I do have to make a major correction to you comment. “Rich Men North of Richmond” was not Jason Aldean but a relatively unknown young man from Virginia – Oliver Anthony (real name: Christopher Anthony Lunsford). And in things I’ve read recently he has said that he was indeed saying more like what you’ve interpreted. Jason Aldean on the other hand was all over the media recently with his song “Try That In A Small Town” which, I’ll wager meant just what the right thought it meant.

  2. Ah yes, the well known “Florence Foster Jenkins” affect. (Played brilliantly by Meryl Streep in the film of the same name.)

    Even in their preening lack of talent the Trumps are unoriginal copiests.

  3. Nope, Lara. Just maybe your video.is crap? Eagerly awaiting a lawsuit from.Patty’s family unless you are using this after paying for the rights to do so. We know you were dumb and greedy enough to marry Eric the Moron,so it’s quite possible you screwed up.on copyright and legal use.

  4. Listened to the first few note and HAD to turn it off just saying nope, nope, not right! I have always been a big fan of Tom Petty and what this trump is doing to his song is just so very wrong!


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