This may be the creepiest and most disgusting Christmas message ever, but one former Republican state lawmaker in West Virginia who just happened to also be convicted of taking part in the January 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol is facing backlash after posting an awful photo on Christmas Day that featured tree ornaments depicting Democratic leaders hanging from nooses, Newsweek reports. The lawmaker in question Derrick Evans, has since deleted the horrible post, which included small figurines of President Joe Biden, former Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and Vice President Kamala Harris hanging on the tree with a noose tied around their necks.

But those weren’t the only figurines โ€” Former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, the former presidential Chief Medical Advisor to ex-president Donald Trump were also portrayed as being hung by nooses on the tree.

Unsurprisingly the photo also included an ornament of ex-president Donald Trump who stood next to everyone wearing nooses, and he, of course, wasn’t wearing a noose.

While Evans deleted the post, the progressive news site The Tennessee Holler took a screenshot of Evans’s post and shared it on X.

An ornament of former President Donald Trump hung next to the Democrats and Fauci, although Trump’s figurine was not wrapped around the neck like the others. A screenshot of Evans’ post was shared to X, formerly Twitter, by progressive news site The Tennessee Holler.

Now Evans is trying to do damage control and on a separate post on X Monday evening, he said the picture wasn’t of his own Christmas tree and that it was “NOT a call for violence.”

Yeah, right. So then why post it, to begin with? Shameful.

Now the former state lawmaker is running as a Republican for U.S. Congress in 2024. In 2022, he pleaded guilty to felony civil disorder in the January 6 attack and was sentenced to three months in prison.

“Not my tree. not my ornaments. not in good taste,” he wrote on X. “not a call for violence. i shouldn’t have used a day to celebrate the birth of jesus for anything political (good taste or poor taste). let’s go celebrate this time with our families in love and peace.”

What a regnant hypocrite. He’s trying to backtrack when it’s clear he meant for people to see the photo.


Evans is getting a well-deserved lashing from several users on X. Jeff Hoffman wrote that Evans’ post was “downright disgusting and we should never let someone like this hold office.”

“i hope @fbi looks into this man as he is mentally unstable and a threat to those around him,” hoffman concluded.

Some on X wondered if the post could complicate the conditions of Evans’ release, since he remains under court-supervised release until 2025, according to Department of Justice records.

“The traitor jonathan ‘derrick’ evans is under supervised release until at least september 2025, yet he continues to make thinkly veiled threats to hang people … back to jail dips***!?” posted X user william coffin.

Lots of other folks on X told him their thoughts and his ears ought to be burning by now. As is proper.


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  1. In my 44 years following politics, I’ve never seen such a useless, worthless, godless, incompetent, arrogant bunch. Seven years of this “sh*t hole country” f**key. Ami the only one exhausted?

  2. Like you and others I don’t buy his “it wasn’t MY tree” bullshiite. How much do you want to bet this a-hole claims to be “pro-life?”

    • Yeah, I thought this was a bunch of hooey. And people like him are always “pro-life” until they aren’t. He’s a sickening hypocrite.

  3. Democrats in nooses ornaments. Ahhh…. yes, the Christmas spirit runs strange among the MAGAS. Of course, it all fits with their warped ideas of Christianity.

  4. Isn’t the 14th Amendment the one that says anyone who participated in rebellion against the government can’t hold office?
    How is this dipstick even allowed to run?



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