What you’re about to see is intriguing and unless I miss my guess, the fact that both Newsmax and Fox News went out of their way to set the record straight, on air, was done at the advice of their legal department. Or, it could merely be coincidence, but I don’t think so. Donald Trump is in South Carolina in the last hours before the primary. He’s leading Nikki Haley by double digits, but make no mistake, Haley does serve a purpose by staying in the race and piquing Trump. He’s even gotten to the level of mob boss level threats, which you’ll see in a minute. But first, see Trump’s usual lies and the instantaneous and fancy footwork that right-wing media does to cover it up.

And here’s another.

I don’t believe it’s coincidence. I think this is what you’re going to see going forward. Right-wing media is endeavoring to toe the line and Trump has no intention of not lying. Now, as to that mob boss clip we mentioned earlier.

And here he is getting incoherent once again.

It’s only February. Bear that in mind. We have a long ways to go.

He’s definitely got the slurring and the squinting comes and goes. And if you think you can handle it, take a look at this.

Yep, MAGA is filled with stevedores, truckers, bakers, lawyers, doctors and Indian chiefs and they all come up to Trump and fall apart with gratitude, that Trump has saved them. He’s here to save us all.

And no, I don’t know where Melania is tonight. But I do know that she has not been with Trump at a single campaign event since he declared his run for office well over a year ago. She was there the night he announced and then vanished.

I don’t think that’s going to change, either. Unless I miss my guess, Melania has had it with this circus. She wants peace and quiet and can’t say as I blame her.


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  1. To be fair, I’ve heard some people say that it’s almost impossible to come up close to Trump without tears appearing in your eyes.

    Due to the smell.

  2. You’re right I’m sure about trophy wife #3 wanting no part of this campaign. If he weren’t so broke and scrambling for cash he’d probably load up a briefcase with hundred dollar bills to get her to appear and say a couple of nice things. And at least hold hands for a few seconds. Of course he can’t do that. But I’ll bet he’s tried to con her with promises of a reward for each appearance. It’s easy enough to imagine such “negotiations:”
    Trump: I’ll pay you a million dollars per appearance. I promise
    Melania: For-geet your prom-ees-es. Show me the fooking mon-eeey
    Trump: I promise. For real this time. I’ll get it… In a couple of weeks
    Melania: Kees my ass! Don’t bother me again unless you have cash. And don’t get any idea bee-cause one of my See-cret Service was was actual Treasure-agent bee-fore and can spot counter-feet moneey!



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