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Anybody here know Morse Code? Let’s get a message going: “Earth to GOP, Earth To GOP, your frontrunner is a loser. Abandon him now or abandon all hope. Over and out.” The most recent Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll, which was conducted before Monday’s events in Georgia, showed that over half of Americans, 53%, approve of the DOJ indicting Trump and 64% said they would not vote for the man.

Associated Press:

Overall, Americans say that Trump’s actions after the 2020 presidential election did more to threaten democracy than to defend it, 54% to 19%. One-quarter of U.S. adults say he did neither. Republicans are split on the impact of Trump’s decisions: 43% say he defended democracy, while 23% say he threatened it. About a third of Republicans say he neither defended nor threatened democracy.

“Trump and a lot of his supporters are saying, ‘They’re just using this to get at him in the election,’” said David Biggar, a 60-year-old Republican from Navarre, Florida who twice voted against Trump. “I think he’s being targeted because he did stuff that he needs to be tried for.”

A Republican who voted against Trump twice. Wow. Color me impressed. There may still be some sane people left in that party. You wouldn’t know it to look at their presidential primary candidates on any given day, however.

Americans largely disagree with Trump’s contention that the 2020 election was stolen from him. Seven in 10 say that Biden was legitimately elected president, a number that’s been consistent in the last year. But among Republicans, 57% say Biden’s election was illegitimate, compared with 32% of independents and 2% of Democrats.

It was said back in 2020 when Trump started the Big Lie that it would finish him and the GOP. It looks like that prediction is holding true. And 57% of Republicans may believe the Big Lie but that leaves 43% who don’t. That’s still quite a sizeable chunk of people.

Almost there, Donald. Two more points. You can do it, buddy. We have faith in you. As a matter of fact, we believe you can become more widely hated than Nixon.

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  1. Hate is a strong word. In the case of Trump, the use of the word against him, has a justifiable basis. Hating Trump as a means to end his poisonous, delusional, lying and grifting pretence is a cathartic salve that will only increase in application; for good justifiable reason – to have the magic of the minimum dose materialise as in that ‘Nixon Point’. As you say and predict “… Almost there, Donald … we believe you can become more widely hated than Nixon.”

  2. 64% don’t approve of former guy. Ok but here’s the thing-a whole heaping sh*t-pile of americans don’t approve of President Biden’s handling of the economy (All Things Considered-today). Inflation? Down. Jobs? Up. Unemployment rate? Down. The Inflation Reduction Act is showing benefits for a lot of people and companies. I’m listening to NPR, to these people they interviewed, with utter disbelief even though I was hearing the interviews: one of the women interviewed just didn’t think Biden was doing enough and wasn’t handling the economy well. A guy interviewed said, and I kid you not, the economy was much better under former guy’s presidency. I was literally screaming at my car radio. I just wanted to get in the face of the guy especially and ask him how in the f*ck a president who had a net LOSS of jobs did better economy-wise? What, the tax breaks for the wealthy? Is that better for the economy? As I recall most of that boondoggle went to stock buy-backs.

    Stupidity got us the mango moron as president. Stupidity will be the reason why he gets back in. We’ve got more stupidity in this country than we do ears of corn F.F.S.

    I’m glad a majority of folks disapprove but I don’t have a lot of faith in their thought processes especially where voting is concerned.

  3. In the military messages abbreviate words. It can be eye numbing to read stuff in “english”/letters and in Morse? Yikes. But over time you get the hang of it. In any case, although I didn’t wind up becoming a Naval Aviator they are required like many in the Naval Service to know Morse, which I got introduced to when I was a kid in scouts. Never got good at it I might add. But one shipmate (we Marines are our own branch, albeit under the auspices of the Dept. of the Navy) it would go something like:

    . .-. – …. – — –. — .–. – -.- .–. … .- . – .. … .-.
    e r t h t o g o p t r p s a l s r

    In plainer English, Earth to GOP Trump’s a loser


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