Mueller Investigating Massive Foreign “Donations” to Trump’s Inauguration


MSNBC news has a breaking report concerning the Robert Mueller investigation looking at “massive fraud” involved with foreign donations to the Trump Inauguration Committee. The inauguration committee raised a total of $107 million dollars, a shockingly high figure in comparison to previous inaugurations, DOUBLE the amount raised for the huge gala for President Obama’s first inauguration. Trump’s inauguration seems to have become a bonanza for special interests and high-dollar event planners, and resulted in a now infamous and well-reported $26 million paid to an “event planning” company owned by a friend of Melania Trump.  In raising the money, the committee promised to give any monies left unspent to charity. A mere $5 million of the whopping $107 million total raised was given to charity.

But now Robert Mueller seems to have evidence that foreign governments got involved in “donations” to the “committee” and it is apparent that such money came in as an”investment” that ultimately would find its way into Trump’s hands. Mueller is looking at donors with connections to Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, according to sources at ABC News.

According to a source who has sat with the Mueller team for interviews in recent weeks, the special counsel is examining donors who have either business or personal connections in Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. Several donors with those ties contributed large sums to the non-profit fundraising entity – gifts that topped out at $1 million dollars, according to public records.

We resist becoming numb to all this, hearing that Novartis committed over one million dollars to a moron like Michael Cohen, it almost becomes “assumed” that Trump would be “on the take” with respect to the inauguration committee, in other words, from the very beginning.

What is more interesting is how brazen the foreign influence has become, that foreigners seemed to figure out first that Trump would be “open” to outright corruption of the kind usually found in, well, foreign countries.

Of course it is not normal, nor legal, as Robert Mueller surely will demonstrate. With Trump, following the money is always the key to everything. I will be following the details closely and update the story as more details emerge.

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