To be fair, both before and after there was criticism of NBC for platforming Trump, especially as the kickoff for the new era with Kristen Welker’s inaugural episode as host.  Prior to the interview airing clips from it generated plenty of controversy including some pre-Sunday fact checking like this from CNN.  Of course, given their own debacle when they trotted out Kaitlyn Collins as their new “star” hosting a Town Hall with Trump CNN weighing in is more than a little ironic.  Most folks will take the article I linked with a large grain of salt.

However, there has been some other criticism such as this article from The Wrap.  It opens noting that while featuring Trump was a “daring” choice by Welker that the (expected by virtually all of us) litany of half-truths, distortions and outright lies left a lot of viewers and even some in the media “confused and disappointed.”  The article went on to say many were “rattled” by what seemed minimal pushback from Welker.  For example:

As political scientist Norm Ornstein tweeted, “Oy. Trump says the Capitol Police testified against Nancy Pelosi, and then burned all the evidence. Lie upon lie upon lie. Unchallenged by Welker. Every word out of his mouth is a lie, and he talks over any questioner. Just a colossal mistake to showcase this sociopath.”

He continued, “He talks over the questioners, insults them, lies again, ignores refutations. These interviews start with the assumption that you are dealing with a ‘normal’ interviewee. They do not account for a lying narcissistic sociopath. Huge mistake for NBC, horrible way to start her tenure.”

The article does note NBC knew there would be issues, and that in addition to cutting away from the actual interview for “context” the network also published an online fact-check but from where I sit that’s too little.  It’s like a biohazard lab intentionally releasing a dangerous virus and after it’s out there saying “Oh, here’s some steps you might take to avoid getting sick.”  Not good enough.  Not nearly good enough and I’m not the only one who thinks so.  Yes, MTP seems to have known they had chosen to jump headfirst into the dinosaur sized pile of Trump shiite and at the end talked about it a bit.

Welker, after being joined by Peter Baker from the NYT started that part by saying “We have gotten criticism for just sitting down with former President Trump”  Baker offered up generic musings about how any Presidential candidate has to be subjected to being challenged by credible journalists doing interviews, BUT that Trump was particularly tough to handle with real-time challenging/fact-checking.  Then he lauded her for editing to allow viewers to see what was real and what wasn’t.  WTF?  It’s the JOB of top level journalists to be stone-cold prepared and in Trump’s case it’s not all that hard.  You know the questions you want to ask, and there’s ample footage of his lies and bullshit you can through right at his ugly, lying face.

A GOOD journalist would do it right then and there during the interview in real time!

But Welker, like others didn’t.  Too afraid of Trumpty Dumpty getting all mad and stomping off I guess.  Just once wouldn’t it be great to see that happen, and while Trumpty is within earshot say to the camera “He loves to dish it out but as you can see he can’t take it!”  That my friends is how journalists, especially those on TV should treat Trump.  If he can’t take the heat he doesn’t belong in the Presidential campaign kitchen.

For all that, that’s not what really has me so frosted today.  Sure, there’s NBC’s fact-check and this “top takeaways” article.  They’ve probably worn out their arms patting themselves on the back.  The thing is, they aren’t the only ones doing it.  Newsweek did a non-critical article, as did another article by Deadline and they contain a common theme that has been seen already and will continue to be seen:  Letting Trump spout lies, and cutting AWAY from interview footage to offer “context” or fact checking.  As I keep saying what should happen it to challenging him right then and there on camera to document his reaction!

Sadly, newsies and especially the TV ones want their own sit-downs with Trump so they too can partake of the ratings gold and make their bosses happy.  That means giving Trump gentle treatment while he’s on camera.  And the “context” and/or fact checking?  Right-wing outlets won’t include ANY of that as they re-air clips!  Nope. those who get their news from the conservative bubble will only see Trump looking all poised and “owning” some “liberal” journalist!

It’s both blatantly and insidiously dangerous all at the same time.

It is however what the owners and managers of once vaunted news organizations want.  Trump ratings and the money from the ad revenue those ratings/eyeballs generate.  Rest assured it won’t be long until ABC and CBS get in on the action, put on a Trump fluffing show of their own to gin up some of those Trump ratings.  He’s going to get treated like any other candidate, albeit one with “that’s a bit controversial” as they will play it.  Our country, and democracy both here and around the world will be worse off for it.  Not that the media bosses and most of the “talent” care.  Lucre, filthy lucre will easy any pangs of conscience that might try to rise up within them.

As bad as Edward R. Murrow feared it would be when he gave his famous “wires and lights in a box” speech it’s far, far worse.


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    • I used to watch the Sunday morning shows but as the internet took on more of a news role networks began “teasing” segments that would be talked about before the shows ever aired. It got to the point of “why bother? I’ll learn anything important without having to spend the time watching the actual show.” There was however a time when if one didn’t go to church it was worth watching. Or once VCRs went on the market recording. Us old farts remember back before there was 24/7 TV and cable news.

  1. Call, write or email NBC and inform them you will boycott NBC, its affiliates, its advertisers, etc. until they make a complete apology for subjecting our country to an interview with a traitor. Advertisers in particular do not like the word “boycott”. Not one bit. This shit has got to end and if it takes putting NBC and other media outlets out of business, good. Less crap on tee vee I guess.

  2. I guess people turned in, but who really watches these shows any more, even with trump on them. I would be interested to see if there really was a ratings bump for this interview.

    • If dfg was on tee vee then the maga base would have gathered around and watched and cheered on his lies, even if it was on mainstream “news”. No one else cares because we’re sane and we know that everything that pours out of his mouth is a lie. And we’ve had enough of him and his lies to last several lifetimes.


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