Like a broken coo-coo clock Marjorie Greene has tweeted out another in a series of responses to AOC’s lambasting of Kevin McCarthy and all Republicans for ousting Ilhan Omar from her committee assignments, while placing the Georgia peach-tree dish who supports Insurrectionists and consummate liar George Santos to the same.

In her latest nonsensical outburst Greene challenges AOC on the now yesterday’s news PPP program (which she herself profited from) more specifically a provision in the bill promoting “tree equity” or a program designed to increase green space in urban areas by planting trees therein.

Not at all difficult to google Marge, or has no one ever shown you how to use the search function on your phone?

The Focus

“What is tree equity?

According to the Tree Equity Score website, the term refers to the idea there should be “enough trees in specific neighbourhoods or municipalities for everyone to experience the health, economic and climate benefits trees provide”.

The Biden Agenda views trees as a basic right for every US citizen and were found to be scarce in low-income areas and some black neighbourhoods. The conclusion is that a “map of tree cover in America’s cities is too often a map of income and race”.

Overall, the move to fund tree planting hopes to address social inequalities by offering all citizens the “health, economic and climate benefits that trees provide”.

American Forests claims trees reduce heat-related illnesses, while planting them can create more jobs.”

Do go on, Marge:

Good question.

Yeah, Marge, answer that.

Yeah, BATMANG, but you are smarter than the chair you are sitting in.








Good advice.



So I guess the lesson to be learned from this is that FedGuv funds that are loaned to GOP Congress critters and never paid back are a good disbursement of funds, while money spent to improve our environment is incomprehensible even to smart phone users.

Your GOP House at work, friends.

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  1. Look at the list of prominent Republicans getting a big bellyful of that sweet government socialism! This means every time they come up with a cut here and a cut there, Politizoom is here for this list to remind them that theirs can get cut, too.

  2. Why the hell did any of these Reps receive ANY PPP money, let alone $4.3 mil for Guthrie, $2.8 mil for Buchanan, etc. etc.???? Why did any of these repug f*cks qualify for this money when so many well-deserving small businesses were unable to get it because the money was gone? Why did Horseface Madge qualify? Isn’t she already rich? This is one of the problems we have when we set up programs to help out Americans (like the unemployment programs set up during Covid). We have the rich scammers horning in, the same weasels that then decry ‘socialism’. I so hope karma reaches out and grabs these thieving hypocrites by the throat.

  3. Marjie Kooky Pants had better pray to whatever it is she prays to that A.O.C. has better things to do other than debate her silly ass. A.O.C. manages in one or two sentences, on twitter no less, to make Kooky Pants look stupider. I realize of course this is a pretty low bar but F.F.S. folks-does the idiot broad enjoy being a special side show in the shit show that is the republican party these days?

  4. Oh Noes!
    Margie has just figure it out. Tree equity is botanical CRT! And I agree with all of the above as to how any of those people deserved PPP loans. I lost my small business but I still have to repay a $10,000 SBA loan.

  5. I long ago gave up trying to figure out how so many of our tax dollars go to the already rich while there are people with no place to live or who can’t put food on the table they may even have.


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