At this point it must be challenging fro Marjorie Taylor Greene to keep coming up with more and more stupid things to say and yet, against all odds, she persists.

A case in point would be from today’s House Oversight Committee hearing where she queried a clearly befuddled witness on reports that she pulled from her ass that a single elementary school in Illinois received $5.1 billion dollars from the post-Covid stimulus package to implement Critical Race Theory training into its curriculum.

Of course, as you’ll learn in the comments to the tweet I will post, the state Illinois actually received $5.1 billion total from the measure and that was intended to be used to improve schools’ air quality, cleaning of classrooms and hiring new teachers (as many had departed to other professions during the shut downs) and other measures.

Nothing in the legislation had anything at all to do with CRT.

But in the fact free realm of MTG’s vivid imagination none of that matters.

Here are her remarks, and those of her unfortunate, thoroughly confused witness on YouTube:

And below in the tweet of historian Kevin Kruse, which received many pithy replies:

Don’t forget the gold handled chalkboard erasers 🤣🤣🤣




Stunned at the stupid.









Perhaps Mage needs to invest some of the PPP funds she got and didn’t pay back return to elementary school and learn to read.

But she would probably just eat paste like she did the first time ‘round.

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  1. Kooky pants also said Jewish space lasers started the wildfires in Cali. Who in the fuck-all, beside the dumb-ass magats and q kooks, listen to this dumb broad?

  2. I can’t bear to watch/listen to her. But I’ll bet she didn’t name the school or the town that she claims got the 5.1 billion. She was just showing Trump how well she can play the “people say” game. Or there’s the other possibility. Somewhere in what’s left of her brain housing group she remembers pre flat-screen TV and computer monitors, Which were C-athode -R-ay T-ubes. CRT. Get it? So from there she’s maybe thinking they are using all that money for research to turn all those old, now unused tube TVs and computer monitors into Jewish Space Lasers. Yeah, she’s that “stoopid.”

  3. This is who the R’s have handed power over the rest of us. It’s hard to believe they are all sitting in Congress listening to this shite and not burying their heads in shame. Frankly, if it weren’t so frightening, I’d be laughing.



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