If you want to jump into the guessing game, “WTF is wrong with Mo Brooks?” feel free. Nobody can figure out what his issue is with running from Eric Swalwell’s process servers like he was Harrison Ford running from Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive. All anybody knows is that, quite plausibly, Mo Brooks would have also jumped off a waterfall to avoid service of process. At least in the movie, you knew why and what the stakes were. With respect to Brooks in real life, nobody has a remote clue. So speculate away.

This was Brooks’ reaction to it all.

Maybe Brooks is amazed that Swalwell actually did his job. Yes, Mo, some elected officials do. We know that you don’t but some do.

In all events, nobody knows what the criminal trespass was. It’s been speculated that maybe Brooks’ wife tried to slam the door and the process server put his foot in the jamb. How that rates as “criminal trespass” or “accosting” someone is interesting. It used to be, back in days of yore of process serving, that the server had to actually touch the servee with the papers. I suppose Mo Brooks would argue that as assault and battery.

And has the sublime irony occurred to you, that Mo Brooks caused a criminal trespass, a literal one, at the Peoples’ House, on January 6? We’re quite sure that Swalwell’s investigator didn’t smear caa caa all over your floors or smash your doors and windows. That, Congressman, is criminal trespass.

But Brooks is beside himself, make no mistake. He accidentally doxed himself while lashing out at the other congressman.

Pssst, Mo, this is how to look at it: the process server wasn’t an intruder, s/he was only a tourist. There. Doesn’t that make it all better? Take two (pounds of) Valium, call us in the morning.



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  1. It’s called substitute service, whereby you serve the process on someone else residing at that address. He’s just pissed because after trying to evade service, his wife ended up with the paperwork instead. That’s on you, Mo! She probably just wanted to get it over with so they could go back to normal activity.

  2. OH YEAH.. couldn’t get Zoom all weekend. But it’s up now!
    COME ON DEMS YOU HAVE 147 on Record as #Oathbreakers to boot out of Congress!


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