You are judged by the company you keep is a truism for the ages. And it is not surprising that Mike Lindell is backing the total loser you’re about to revisit here. The only thing that gives pause is that Lindell wants to add to his bad publicity issues at a time when he’s getting horrible press, but maybe he’s so far gone he doesn’t know his publicity is all bad.

Or, maybe he thinks like Bela Lugosi did, that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

To refresh your memory, this is the creep that Lindell now is making money selling pillows with.

If you think that’s bad. Here is his newest. He thinks that slavery was like a camping trip.

But that doesn’t stop Lindell from going into business with him. No, Sir, not Mikey.

VICE News:

In a livestream on his website Daily Veracity last week, first reported on by Right Wing Watch, Foxx announced that Lindell had bestowed upon him a special code offering viewers a major discount on Lindell’s infamous pillows. (The code knocks $40 off Lindell’s pillows, typically priced at $69.98 each, as well as offering generous discounts on other items.) Lindell is advertising the deal with Foxx on the MyPillow website, calling it “the biggest bed sheet sale in MyPillow history.”

“Big shoutout to Mike Lindell,” Foxx said in his livestream. “Because he has given us an opportunity to sell some pillows on, which is awesome. We get like 50 percent of whatever you get from with the [code] ‘VinceJames.”

Foxx said he recently spoke on the phone with Lindell, who proposed the partnership. “He’s like, ‘Vince, we need you to sell some MyPillows for us’,” Foxx claimed. “And I’m like, ‘Say no more, fam. Give me a code’.”

(Lindell may now be more in need of support than ever, after he says the FBI confiscated his phone while he was at a Hardee’s drive-thru in Minnesota on Tuesday night, fueling speculation that the government’s investigation into the plot to steal the 2020 election may now be focusing on one of its biggest financiers.) […]

Foxx boosts his visibility by putting out extreme inflammatory statements along the lines of white Christian nationalism, evidenced by a series of clips compiled by Right Wing Watch. He’s said that he hopes the Supreme Court is on track to ban homosexuality, and in five years, “we’ll be throwing them [gay people] off of roofs.” He also has floated his desire to establish task forces for “kidnapping the children away from gay people.”

Lindell’s fortunes were already on the downslope and getting this latest baggage is only going to drag him down faster.

Since you’re here, here’s the latest in comic relief from Lindell, via Trump’s Saturday night Nazi/QAnon Cult gathering.

And maybe his 13th and his 19th Amendment rights have been violated, too. Have you stopped to consider that?

And Mikey wants you to know he’s not afraid of the Big Bad Feds. He’s got a plan.

Lindell probably learned how to ram cars and take off into the night from his crack consuming days — which he assures us are far behind him.

It’s hard to predict what will befall Lindell in the days ahead, but one thing I can guarantee: it’s only going to get stranger. Stay tuned.


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  1. The only one denying Mike the Shrike’s first and fifth amendment rights is himself – he simply can’t shut up and keeps digging the hole deeper

  2. Pillow Man is his own worst enemy. What a crybaby! And who is this new creep who wants to make the Handmaid’s Tale a reality? Apparently, he’s calling himself part of the “Christian Taliban.” Oh, joy. Another jerk who can’t get a date….

    • I think this guy is actually married. And in his case, he’s one of these shock jocks. He’s in the same class as Nick Fuentes, it’s all about owning the libs by saying the most horrible things. With all of Lindell’s problems, this was not the best move to make, to bring this guy into the fold.

  3. I’m sorry, but how are Lindell’s Sixth Amendment rights being violated? The Sixth Amendment is all about the right to a trial and being able to face your accusers in court. I didn’t realize that Lindell had been arrested to a point that he would stand trial for anything.

    Did I miss something about The Pillow Man?

    • Yeah. His lying ignorance. Don’t worry. Even if you get it…it won’t change a damn thing. Cult members can’t psychologically handle the truth…and won’t admit it’s dogshit even if you rub their noses in it.


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