Melania Thanks National Park Service On Their Commitment, Twitter Wonders If She Has A Clue


At this stage, it’s getting really difficult to figure out – is Melania just ignorant or does she purposefully do and say things just to piss off the Asshole-in-Chief, who happens to be her husband?  Or is it that she just doesn’t care enough to pay attention?  On Saturday, Melania celebrated the 102nd birthday of the National Park Service at the White House, and marked the event on Twitter.

As with her appearance at a conference against cyberbullying, the first lady seems to be parodying her “support” in light of her husband’s dismal track record.  Even since his first days in office, Trump has clashed with the National Park Service.  Trump (wrongly) insisted the attendance at the inaugural event was historically large, so he ordered extra photographs to be taken by the park service, which failed to inflate the crowd to the president’s view of reality.

This year almost every member the National Park System Advisory Board quit because Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke refused to meet with them while last year, Trump gutted the size of the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in Utah to open up those public lands to private logging, drilling and mining operations.

Since it doesn’t seem like her writers or advisers are trying to educate Melania on her husband’s antics, Twitter users decided to educate her on his (pathetic) history with the National Park Service.



Could Melania really be wishing a Happy Birthday to the National Park Service as her husband attempts to dismantle it?


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