Melania Plants A Tree, Wears Stilettos And $4,000 Skirt, “Just Like You Do”


Maybe Melania had her fee-fees hurt when her “gardening” pic from 2017 blew up recently as memes on Twitter.  Maybe she just felt like romping around mud in stilettos and a skirt  worth more than most Americans make in a month.  Or maybe she just doesn’t have a clue…

In September 2017, Melania hosted local schoolchildren in the White House Kitchen Garden, founded by Michelle Obama, to help harvest it.  Almost a year later, pictures went viral of Trump in a $1,000 plaid shirt and squeaky-clean Converse sneakers.

So, today, Melania was tasked with another gardening task.  And this time, she decided to glam it up by wearing what is possibly the most inappropriate outfit imaginable, including a $4,000 floral Valentino skirt and stilettos.  Which (shocker) apparently sank right into the ground.

She was joined by first family descendants, Mary Jean Eisenhower, granddaughter of President Dwight Eisenhower, and Richard Emory Gatchell, Jr., a fifth generation grandson of President James Monroe.

After sprinkling a couple of teaspoons’ worth of soil into the hole, Melania and her companions walked off.  Gardening expert Alys Fowler commented, “Even the Queen stays until the tree is watered in,” and added that while there is nothing wrong with wearing a skirt to garden she “…think[s] we should be more worried for the tree”.

This a short clip which is worth watching to see the first family descendants scrambling around after Melania implores them with “help me” at around the 22 second mark.

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